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Foldable Mobility Scooters

A folding mobility scooter is a great option for first time owners or longer time users looking for a second transportation device. Their design ensures a safe and easy way to bring portability to your travel experience - from quick folding construction to large weight clearance, there is something for everyone in these sturdy yet convenient models.

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  1. EV Rider Transport Scooter-20
    EV Rider
    Model: TRANSPORT
    • Easy Fold and Go portability
    • 2.4" Ground Clearance
    • Reliable 4 Pole Motor
    • 16" Wide foldable seat
    Retail Price: $2,499.00

    Call: (800) 987-6791
    Weight Capacity Top Speed Turning Radius Driving Range Heaviest Part
    250 lbs 4 mph 32.3" 10 Miles 53 lbs
  2. Go Go Folding Scooter
    Pride Mobility
    Model: S19
    • Folds in just three easy steps
    • Exclusive tiller design
    • Adjustable tiller
    • Up to 12.5 miles range per charge
    • Easy to transport at home, hotels, or airports
    • Can be stowed upright or laid down
    • Front and rear LED lights
    • Available in sealed lead acid batteries (standard) or lithium-ion batteries (optional)
    Retail Price: $2,259.00

    Call: (800) 987-6791
    Weight Capacity Top Speed Turning Radius Driving Range Heaviest Part
    250 lbs 4 mph 32" 10 Miles 51.4 lbs
  3. Luggie Scooter
    Free Rider
    Model: Luggie
    • Easily Folds for compact storage
    • Rolls like luggage
    • Optional Hard Travel Case
    • Long Lift Lithium Battery
    Retail Price: $2,599.00

    Call: (800) 987-6791
    Weight Capacity Top Speed Turning Radius Driving Range Heaviest Part
    250 lbs 4 mph 35.5" 11 Miles 51.7 lbs

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Scooter storage is often a concern for people who need a transportation aid. The basic design of the folding mobility scooter gives users a dependable choice that is as pleasant to put away as it is to use. No fuss, no hassle - certain models can even be rolled like a piece of luggage.

Turning radius is a factor worth considering when shopping around for your travel solution, but it becomes even more important when purchasing a folding mobility scooter. Surprisingly, the constant folding and reassembly does not affect the device’s overall radius.

With standard ranges of between 32 to 35 inches, you are sure to find a model that works in tight spaces as well as larger rooms. The battery life of these devices ensures a longer time span between charges. Packs are specially placed on each folding mobility scooter to avoid any unnecessary movement or jostling. Standard batteries run for up to 10 miles on one full charge.

When it comes time for a recharge, users can easily plug in their devices. These convenient little models provide certain features that stand out from our more conventional transport options. A comprehensive form means the device can hold up to 250 pounds, and while this is somewhat less than other models, it is worth considering the value of portability. The speed is also lower, with a maximum of about 4 mph, and while this may seem significantly lower than standard models, it actually provides a smooth ride that gets you around comfortably, safely, and quickly.

The team at Scooter Direct is committed to making the buying experience safe, simple, and convenient. We can help anyone navigate the buying process with friendly advice and years of knowledgeable about the best devices. Contact us today to see how great it can be to increase mobility at price that will not break the budget.