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Manual Wheelchairs

Manual Wheelchairs
Scooter Direct offers a large high quality wheelchairs selection for a very competitive pricing from top manufacturers such as Drive Medical, Pride Mobility, Merits Health and Medline. From standard, transport, lightweight, heavy duty, convertible, reclining, all terrain to pediatric wheelchairs. Backed up by many accessories including cushions, backs and tires. Our wheelchairs have many features to choose from: weight capacity, wheel styles, arm rests, leg rests and seating that can all be custom ordered to a user’s specific needs.
  1. Beach Wheelchairs

    Prices Start at $1,399.00

    Beach wheelchairs allow for anyone to go anywhere they want with their family, no matter how inconvenient the terrain may be. Sold at an affordable price from Scooter Direct, these can traverse any terrain, including uneven sand. People with disabilities should still be able to do the things that they love, and this product helps them do that.

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  2. Transport Chairs

    Prices Start at $139.00

    Sometimes it can be difficult to travel with a wheelchair. A transport chair provides the same amount of stability for a fraction of the weight. These products, sold by Scooter Direct for an economical price, are very practical for customers who travel quite a bit. The items are very sturdy, allowing for the necessary stability to keep the customer upright.

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  3. Standard Wheelchairs

    Prices Start at $169.00

    Standard wheelchairs have two small wheels in the front and two large ones in the back. Standard wheelchairs are perfect for a user that may want to push themselves sometimes and have the caregiver push them at other times. Standard wheelchairs are fully collapsible making it easy to travel and store. These wheelchairs come in various seat widths and different weight capacities. The basic models feature folding frames, with fixed leg rests and armrests to optional elevating leg rests and removable armrests.

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  4. Reclining Back Wheelchairs

    Prices Start at $359.00

    If you find yourself spending a large amount of time restricted to a seated position due to illness or weakness, a reclining wheelchair may provide the comfort and support you’ve been needing. When you sit for long periods of time, it can place a great deal of stress on your spine, causing discomfort and even pain. These reclining back wheelchairs provide expertly-engineered features such as hydraulic reclining mechanisms, swing-away elevating leg rests, and headrest extensions with cushioned head immobilizers for the maximum level of safety, comfort, and functionality.

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  5. Lightweight Wheelchairs

    Prices Start at $199.00

    Unlike normal sized products, the lightweight wheelchair allows for easier transportation and traveling. There are several different brands and models available for purchase, such as the Cougar, the Karman, and the Excel. Scooter Direct sells all of these and even more for an affordable price. This allows for customers to continue the lifestyle that they want, whether they travel a lot or simply stay close to home.

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  6. Convertible Wheelchairs

    Prices Start at $299.00

    They can be used as standard self-propelled wheelchair or a transport chair all in one. Convertible wheelchairs can be transformed by replacing the quick release large wheels with the small casters. Options include full length folding arms and footplates.

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  7. Heavy Duty Wheelchairs

    Prices Start at $194.00

    Heavy duty wheelchairs are a stronger, reinforced product which can support individuals with a weight of 450 to 700 pounds. Every inch of this product is reinforced, from the upholstery to the frame to the wheels.

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  8. Bathroom Wheelchair

    Prices Start at $619.50

    Shower Commode Chairs: are waterproof wheelchair that can be easily wheeled into the shower. It also has a commode opening so it can be positioned over a standard toilet or used as a portable self-contained commode.

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