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Mobility Scooter Accessories

We have an incredible selection of mobility scooter accessories to enhance your consumer experience. It is our priority to insist on having the best accessories on the market, with top brands to choose from. If we can help you in any way with power wheelchair accessories, please feel free to contact us as needed to match an accessory to your scooter or power wheelchair.

  • The covers for mobility scooters serve the purpose of keeping your mobility scooter from getting wet or damaged while travelling. The mobility scooter canopies are used to protect yourself from rain or sun outdoors.

    Prices Start at: $49.00

  • Front and rear baskets for mobility scooters are useful to carry something extra on your scooter or if in need of a replacement. Every manufacturer has its own mounting mechanisms due to which not all baskets fit on all scooters.

    Prices Start at: $28.00

  • We offer various cup holders, walker holders, cane holders and other types of holders. You can attach them to your mobility scooters to carry your accessories. Note that not all accessory holders are compatible with all scooters because of different mounting mechanisms. You can select one of the EZ-Access or Diestco products for a guaranteed fit.

    Prices Start at: $30.00

  • We provide various rear-view mirrors for mobility scooters and other accessories including scooter keys and mobility scooter seats. If you are not able to find what you are looking for then you may call us for assistance in finding the compatible parts or scooter mirrors for your mobility scooter.

    Prices Start at: $33.50

  • There are many ways to carry your stuff with you on your mobility scooters. We have a huge collection of nylon carry-all bags in different sizes, shapes and mounting methods.

    Prices Start at: $30.00


Covers and Canopies

These products play an important role when it comes to taking care of your scooter, especially in tough climates. Our covers will keep your scooter from getting wet or damaged if you’re stuck in a bad weather or to use while transporting your scooter on an outside carrier. A canopy can help keep you cool in the shade, or can essentially play the role of an umbrella and keep the rain off you. Check out all we have to offer!


Front and Rear Baskets

If you need extra storage on your scooter, make sure you look into all the great mobility scooter accessories we have to offer. These baskets and other accessories can help you keep your personal items organized, as well as give you the extra space you may need.


Accessory Holders

We have a great variety of accessory holders to choose from which will allow you to keep your needed items with you when you use your scooter. Our products include cup holders, cell phone holders, cane holders and many other items to choose from. We have everything you need for you to get the most out of your scooter, and to maximize your comfortability with it.


Rear View Mirror and Other

The rear view mirror is an important accessory to any scooter; it increases your ability to stay safe on your scooter. We have a selection of mirrors to match your scooter as well as other accessories that will help your mobility needs. At Scooter Direct, we realize that your safety is very important, which is why we only sell high-quality materials from the best brands.


Saddle, Front, Rear Bags

There are many different ways for you to organize and carry your personal belongings with you through the wide variety of options we have. Our collection offers many different sizes, styles and shapes so you can find what best fits your scooter.