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Standard Saddle Bag

Manufacturer: Diestco
Model: B2111

Standard Saddle Bag

Can Be Mounted On Both Sides Of Armrest.

Single pocket bag that mounts to any armrest. Keeps personal belongings close to you. Bag can be mounted to the inside or outside of armrest.

Straps over your scooter or wheelchair armrest to provide a handy storage area for keys, wallet, cell phone, glasses, etc. Made from high quality, water resistant nylon.

Approx. Dimensions 10" x 8" x 3"

Attach your armrest bag by wrapping the fabric with the 2" hook strap over the top of your armrest and securing it to the 2" loop strap. Use the 5/8" hook and loop strap (located at the bottom of the bag) to secure it to your seat post or horizontal frame of the chair. This will prevent the bag from swinging outward.

The soft-to-touch material allows your arm to move free over the armrest without discomfort or skin irritation. Fits armrest from 1" round tubing to deluxe scooter armrest.

Details and Specifications for the Standard Saddle Bag

Approx. Dimensions 10" x 8" x 3"

Manual and Videos for the Standard Saddle Bag

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Warranty for the Standard Saddle Bag

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