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Mobility Trailers are most commonly used when your vehicle does not have a trailer hitch capable of supporting an inside or outside lift. Trailers can be pulled behind any compact or sub-compact and is safe at highway speeds. Carry the largest scooter or powerchair behind a Prius or Smart Car.

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  1. Scoota Trailer

    Model: Scoota-Trailer
    • FREE Radial Spare Tire Included
    • FREE New non-skid solid loading ramp
    • Trailer for most Electric Scooters
    • Eligible for licensing in all states
    • Free Traction Grid on the trailer floor 
    • Full Warranty but no refund
    MSRP $7,020.00 MSRP $7,020.00 $4,900.00
    Call: (800) 987-6791
    Lift Capacity Weight Platform Size Installation Level
    600 lbs 285 37.5 x 66 Easy
    Lift Capacity 600 lbs
    Weight 285
    Platform Size 37.5 x 66
    Installation Level Easy

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1. When is a Scooter Trailer needed?
Trailers are required when your vehicle will not support an outside or an inside lift such as smaller cars or crossover SUV’s which will not support your mobility device. However, these vehicles can pull a scooter trailer with even the largest mobility devices.

2. Can a Scoota Trailer be used to carry an electric wheelchair?
The Scoota-Trailer can carry scooters, electric powerchairs, manual wheelchairs, luggage or anything you need to take with you.

3. Can these trailers be stolen?
Trailers can be locked to the hitch receiver to prevent theft of the trailer. It can also be locked to prevent the top from being opened which prevents theft of the contents in the trailer.

4. What is required to use a scooter trailer?
Your vehicle must have a hitch receiver with a 2” trailer ball and the wiring harness to connect the lights so that the blinkers and brake lights will work.

5. What is the largest size of carrying compartments available?
The largest trailer has a usable bed size is 66" long by 37.5" wide and 52” high.

6. Will the Magenta trailer fit a Pride Victory Scooter?
The Magneta trailer has a platform size of 48” long by 28” wide which will support many scooters including the Pride Victory models.

7. How much weight can the trailer carry?
The Scoota-Trailer can support a mobility device up to 600 pounds

8. Is there a top available for the trailers?
The Scoota-Trailer has two sizes of aluminum tops, 46” and 52” vertical clearance. The Magneta trailer has no optional top.

9. What speed can I travel with a scooter trailer?
These trailers will travel at highway speeds, 80 mph is not a problem.

10. Do I need to get a license for the trailer?
Yes, the trailers do require a tag. The trailer will come with a temporary license plate that will allow you to travel for up to 30 days. During that time you will need to take the title that comes with the trailer to your state DMV to get a permanent license plate.