Lift Chairs

Recliner lift chairs make it possible to go from a seated position to standing posture in a matter of seconds. These devices are used as an assistive device by those who have difficulty manually reclining or standing while in a chaise recliner, or those who suffer from chronic pain. Persistent aches and pains make it much more difficult to stand up unassisted, but with the push of a button on the controller these recliner lift chairs can help a person into a standing position with reduced effort and pain.
  1. Lift Chair Recliners

    Prices Start at $259.00

    Do you have problems getting up? If so, you’re not alone—many people suffer from mobility issues and can greatly benefit from the use of mobility aids such as lift chair recliners. These electric lift recliners are relatively inexpensive when you consider all of the benefits they provide, from improved lumbar support to increased ease and comfort of movement. With the wide range of power lift recliner chairs available from Scooter Direct, we’re sure you’ll find a furniture piece that suits your budget, comfort level, and décor.

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