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Mobility Trailers

A unique alternative to lifts and ramps, mobility scooter trailers allow you to carry your mobility aid behind your vehicle. Mobility scooter trailers are most commonly used by those customers whose vehicles cannot accommodate a lift, such as a small sedan. These scooter trailers are perfect for customers who want to maintain an active lifestyle without upgrading to a large SUV or van, especially those who are interested in travelling with their mobility aids.

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  1. Scoota-Trailer
    Model: Scoota-Trailer
    • FREE Radial Spare Tire Included
    • FREE New non-skid solid loading ramp
    • Trailer for most Electric Scooters
    • Eligible for licensing in all states
    • Free Traction Grid on the trailer floor 
    • Full Warranty but no refund
    Retail Price: $47,400.00

    Call: (800) 987-6791
    Lift Capacity Weight Platform Size Installation Level
    600 lbs 285 37.5 x 66 Easy
  2. Upgraded 12" Tires
    Magneta Trailers
    Model: UWT1
    • Lightweight trailer can be towed even by a small car
    • Low-profile design keeps trailer close to the ground for easy loading and unloading
    • Loading ramp pivots up and secures in place for travel
    • Polished aluminum platform with tread plate pattern won't rust
    • 2" Ball Coupler
    • Assembly Required
    Retail Price: $2,795.00

    Call: (800) 987-6791
    Lift Capacity Weight Platform Size
    1,200 lbs 280 28" x 48"

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We carry scooter trailers from Scoota, Pulmor, and Magneta at Scooter Direct. Each of these brands offers unique products, all designed for use with smaller cars. Our selection is always economical, and these products are no exception: they will allow you to transport your mobility aid without breaking the bank.

Scoota’s mobility aid trailer is designed to carry almost any power chair or scooter with ease. It includes a load capacity of 600lbs, heavier than a standard mobility aid. It includes a rubber-coated pull-down ramp for easy loading and unloading without any slips. This product’s tires are suitable for highway use, meaning there’s no limit to where you can go. Usable on almost any car or truck that sits at least 8 inches off the ground, this product also includes a one-year warranty covering parts.

From Pulmor, we offer the Yuppie Mobility Trailer, a unique product that completely shields your mobility aid from the elements. When you purchase this product with the optional rear ramp door, loading your mobility aid is simple. The Yuppie has a large capacity that will allow you to tow other objects in addition to your mobility aid, making it ideal for traveling. This product is available in several different colors to suit your tastes, or perhaps to match your vehicle.

Finally, the Magneta Wheelchair and Electric Scooter Trailer is a heavy-duty product in a small package. This product can easily accommodate almost any mobility aid. It includes an easy-to-use on ramp and its powder coat finish resists rust. Assembly is relatively simple, requiring only a few hand tools. This product will give you the freedom of mobility with almost any vehicle, even the smallest car.