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Lift Chair Recliners

Lift Chair Recliners
Do you have problems getting up? If so, you’re not alone—many people suffer from mobility issues and can greatly benefit from the use of mobility aids such as lift chair recliners. These electric lift recliners are relatively inexpensive when you consider all of the benefits they provide, from improved lumbar support to increased ease and comfort of movement. With the wide range of power lift recliner chairs available from Scooter Direct, we’re sure you’ll find a furniture piece that suits your budget, comfort level, and décor.
  1. Two Position Lift Chairs

    Prices Start at $1,809.00

    Two position lift chairs are known for providing comfort, as well as assistance in getting in and out of your chair. We offer the top brands to ensure you are getting a quality chair, with affordability that is unmatched by competitors. Our selection includes all types of styles and colors to best fit your specific needs. Check out all the great products, including Pride lift chairs we have to offer!

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  2. Three Position Lift Chairs

    Prices Start at $839.00

    Three-position lift chairs go one step further than the two-positions. This lift chair allows the user to stand and sit upright without straining himself or getting help from anyone, recline slightly, and tilt back even more to a third reclining position -Not a full recline. Position can be stopped in anywhere by releasing the remote control button. The ottoman rises automatically as the chair begins to recline. Three-position lift chairs come in many different styles, some that are simple and economical and others that are very luxurious. Three-position lift chairs are a great addition to any living room.

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  3. Infinite Position Lift Chairs

    Prices Start at $1,289.00

    An infinite position lift chair can provide many different purposes and positions while providing incredible comfort and assistance in getting in and out of your chair. It is known for being a comfortable lift chair, as well as a bed at the same time. One very popular feature of this style is the heated massage that is included, which you can control with the remote. It is a great chair that provides many uses and features, check out our selection!

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  4. Zero Gravity Lift Chairs

    Prices Start at $1,534.00

    Zero-Gravity position is the physician-recommended posture where the spine, hip and knee joints are positioned on the balanced midpoint of the muscles. With the Zero Gravity power recline system, the zero gravity lift chair moves up and down to pivot your hips into this naturally relaxing Zero-Gravity position. Spinal pressure and muscle tension are relieved, circulation is improved, and feelings of fatigue melt away.

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  5. Heavy Duty Lift Chair

    Prices Start at $1,609.00

    Heavy duty lift chairs are a great solution for those who need the features of a regular lift chair, plus added size and durability. These products are particularly well-suited for our “big and tall” customers for whom a regularly-sized model just won’t work. Some of large lift chairs can hold up to 700lbs, which is nearly twice the capacity of a regular model. We offer these models in two-position, three-position, and infinite-position styles, giving the customer a range of relaxation options.

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  6. Golden Lift Chairs

    Prices Start at $899.00

    When it becomes too hard to stand without support, it is time to get a Golden lift chair. This furniture allows for someone to go from a fully seated to a standing position with the least amount of effort possible. Golden recliner lift chairs are safe and secure for the user and have a very classic appearance to them.

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  7. Pride Lift Chairs

    Prices Start at $839.00

    Pride lift chairs and Pride mobility products are engineered for high quality and long lasting durability. Every Pride Lift Chair is subjected to extensive factory testing to ensure outstanding reliability. All Pride lift chairs and mobility products are easy to operate. With just a push of a button you can stand or recline simply and smoothly. With a full range of contemporary designs and a large selection of eye-catching fabrics, Pride Lift Chairs not only fit any décor, they add to it. Browse our selection of Pride recliner lift chairs.

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  8. Lift Chair Accessories

    Prices Start at $259.00