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Manual Wheelchair Carrier

Manual Wheelchair Carrier
If you are searching for a budget-friendly wheelchair carrier, look no further than Scooter Direct. We offer several different lifts for mobility scooters, in both electric and manual styles. From brands such as Harmar and Pride Mobility, these products simplify the task of lifting your mobility aid into your vehicle, which helps you maintain your active lifestyle.

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  1. Harmar AL003 Tilt-N-Tote

    Model: AL003
    • Lifts most standard wheelchairs
    • Tilting Join for easy roll on
    • Adjustable Hold Down Arm
    • Standard Ball Mounting
    MSRP $780.00 MSRP $780.00 $685.00
    Call: (800) 987-6791
    Lift Capacity Weight Battery Pack Option Installation Level
    100 lbs 32 No Easy
    Lift Capacity 100 lbs
    Weight 32
    Battery Pack Option No
    Installation Level Easy
  2. Wheelchair Carrier Electric Tilt n' Tote

    WheelChair Carriers
    Model: WCC-101
    • For manual wheelchairs
    • Includes 2 retractable ratchets
    • Automatically folds up
    • All steel, e-coated, & powder finish
    • Includes 21’ wire harness
    MSRP $1,675.00 MSRP $1,675.00 $1,379.00
    Call: (800) 987-6791
    Lift Capacity Weight Platform Size Battery Pack Option Installation Level
    150 lbs 80 29” X 13” No Easy
    Lift Capacity 150 lbs
    Weight 80
    Platform Size 29” X 13”
    Battery Pack Option No
    Installation Level Easy
  3. Harmar AL030 Power Tote

    Model: AL030
    • Lifts most standard wheelchairs
    • One switch operation
    • Fold up when not in use
    • Manual crank backup
    • Swing Away Option Available
    MSRP $2,090.00 MSRP $2,090.00 $1,655.00
    Call: (800) 987-6791
    Lift Capacity Weight Battery Pack Option Installation Level
    100 lbs 49 Yes Easy
    Lift Capacity 100 lbs
    Weight 49
    Battery Pack Option Yes
    Installation Level Easy

3 Items

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1. Can I open the trunk when the wheelchair is attached to the carrier?
Your car trunk will open. If you have rear doors like those on an SUV or a Van then you will need the Swing Away option which allows the lift to be moved to the side.

2. Can the carrier be folded when not in use?
The platform of the carrier will fold up, either manually or electrically depending on the lift you choose, when the wheelchair is not loaded.

3. Which carrier is the best, Manual or Electric?
The choice of the lift is based on your stability and mobility and your budget. A Scooter Direct representative will work with you to choose the best fit for your needs.

4. What type of hitch do I need to use for the carriers?
Carriers for manual wheelchairs can connect to any size hitch receiver from Class I to Class III. This means it can work on almost any vehicle from a small car to a large SUV.

5. I need to use a carrier temporarily, is it easy to uninstall?
Installation of the carrier is very easy. The carrier will come with the adapter that matches the hitch receiver on your vehicle. It simply slides in and a bolt goes through to hold it in place.

6. Does the Wheelchair carrier come with a detailed manual?
Yes, a printed manual comes with each lift and has detailed instructions for installation and use. You can also get a copy online if you prefer.

7. Will the carrier block the license plate?
Depending on the carrier, the license plate may be blocked either partially or completely. However, if the carrier would block the view of the license while on the vehicle then there will be a license plate mount on the carrier to correct this issue.

8. Is there a speed limit I need to follow when I install a carrier in my car?
There carrier will not place any additional limitations on your vehicle.

9. What if the power goes out on the lift?
Electric carriers connect to the vehicle battery so this should be a rare event. However, the carrier has a manual crank backup to operate without power.

10. What is the maximum weight of the wheelchair the carrier can lift?
Manual Wheelchair Carriers can lift a maximum weight of 150 lbs. If this is not enough then we have other carriers that can carry up to 400 lbs.