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At Scooter Direct, you can always find the electric mobility scooters and accessories that are right for you. In addition to electric mobility scooters, we offer accessories, batteries, and chargers that will keep you safe and comfortable as you enjoy your active lifestyle. Our selection of electric mobility scooters includes budget-friendly options that are also safe and effective, and we carry mobility aids and accessories from many top manufacturers.
  1. Mobility Scooters

    Prices Start at $699.99

    Our inventory consists of multifarious mobility scooters for your needs. If you need assistance in selecting a mobility scooter, call our Scooter Direct.

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  2. Mobility Scooter Accessories

    Prices Start at $34.00

    We have an incredible selection of mobility scooter accessories to enhance your consumer experience. It is our priority to insist on having the best accessories on the market, with top brands to choose from. If we can help you in any way with power wheelchair accessories, please feel free to contact us as needed to match an accessory to your scooter or power wheelchair.

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  3. Batteries & Chargers

    Prices Start at $55.00

    Battery-powered mobility scooters or power chairs provide freedom and independence. But none of these ingeniously designed vehicles can perform to its full potential without a top-quality battery as its fuel source. Choosing the right batteries for mobility scooters can actually enhance your mobility equipment's performance and safety, simplify charging and maintenance and, in the long-run, save you time, money and peace of mind. Our batteries line extends to mobility scooter chargers and load testers. Scooter Direct offers the best quality battery brands available for your wheelchair, scooter or other mobility device and as always for the lowest price.

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1. Do I need a doctor’s prescription for purchasing a mobility scooter?
No. Anyone can purchase a mobility scooter.

2. Will my insurance pay for a scooter?
Scooter Direct does not bill any insurance including Medicare and Medicaid. However, you may, you must have a medical need for Medicare to cover the cost of a scooter, power chair, or other mobility product. You should contact your insurance provider to get exact answers to your questions regarding coverage for your specific policy.

3. Do you offer financing?
Yes, financing can be done through several providers. Visit the Scooter Direct Financing page for more information.

4. How often should I charge my mobility scooter?
How often you need to charge the batteries for your mobility device is determined by how often you use it. If you use your product daily, charge its batteries as soon as you finish using it for the day. We recommend charging your product’s batteries for at least 8 to 14 hours after daily use. If you use your product less frequently, we recommend charging the batteries 8-14 hours twice a week for a maintenance charge. We do not recommend charging the batteries for longer than 14 hours. Refer to the manual supplied with the battery charger for charging instructions.

5. Do I need a license or registration for driving an outdoor mobility scooter?
No. Mobility Scooters are covered by the ADA and can be ridden on sidewalks, in stores and any place people are allowed to walk.

6. Are mobility scooters allowed on streets?
No. These are not street legal. They are made for places where people walk such as sidewalks and stores.

7. What is the warranty on mobility scooters?
Warranties vary for different manufacturers and also if unit is new, open box or used condition. Warranty is listed on each product under the warranty tab on

8. What is an in-home warranty?
A technician will come to your location with the replacement part and perform the service as needed. You are not charged for the part, labor or travel to your location. This is for any part covered under warranty and not wear and tear items such as tires.

9. Am I covered under warranty if I’m not the original owner of the product?
Warranties for most manufacturers products only apply to the original owner of the product and are not transferrable.

10. Which mobility scooter is best suited for the elderly?
The best mobility scooter is the one that meets your requirements. However, you need to choose a brand that is high quality and supported by a reliable manufacturer and dealer. We recommend you work with your dealer to determine which model matches your needs.

11. What is necessary to use a mobility scooter for shopping?
Consider the size of the store when choosing a mobility scooter for shopping. Requirement such as turning radius, width of aisles, doorways, checkout lanes, etc. Also consider the baskets and carrying bags available for the scooter.

12. Which mobility scooter is right for me if I am obese?
Scooter Direct has several models that can carry up to 500 lbs. The Pride Maxima 3 or 4 wheel is one the most popular model.

13. What is a folding mobility scooter?
A scooter is considered a folding model when the entire unit folds into one small part. The upside of this is that everything on the unit stays together, no separate parts. The downside is that the weight of the heaviest part is usually more than one which can be disassembled such as a Pride Go Go travel scooter. The folding travel scooter is best used on cruises and bus trips.

14. Is it safe to use my travel mobility scooter in rain?
No. Direct or prolonged exposure to water or dampness could cause a malfunction electronically and mechanically. Water can cause electrical components to corrode.

15. Is it okay to assemble and disassemble my folding mobility scooter on a daily basis?
Yes. These units are designed to enable them to be assembled and disassembled multiple times per day if necessary.

16. How do I dispose of scooter batteries?
Most stores that sell batteries will take your batteries. If not, contact your local waste disposal agency for instructions on disposal and battery recycling which is our recommended course of action.