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Mobility Lifts

Mobility Lifts

Scooter Direct carries only high quality scooter and power wheelchair lifts and carriers. We only sell the mobility lifts that we trust to be the best. The scooter and wheelchair lift brands we carry are the manufacturers we trust.

  1. Outside Manual Carriers

    Prices Start at $523.00

    Mobility scooter hitches are an economical solution to your transportation needs. These products are simple to use, and they do not require electrical wiring to work. Simply attach the transporter to a class 2 or 3 hitch, and you are all set to transport your mobility aid. These products also require the use of tie-downs to ensure that your scooter or chair is secure.

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  2. Outside Electric Lifts

    Prices Start at $999.00

    Each electric scooter lift we offer at Scooter Direct allows you to maintain your active lifestyle by providing an easy way to transport your power chair or other mobility aid. These mobility scooter lifts attach to a vehicle’s rear hitch receiver, and they are powered either by the car battery or with an optional battery pack.

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  3. Inside Electric Lifts

    Prices Start at $685.00

    Our selection of inside electric lifts allows you to easily maneuver your scooter or power chair into your vehicle for transportation. Using an interior lift frees up valuable space on the exterior of your vehicle, and also protects your mobility aid from the elements. These inside power chair lifts help you maintain your active lifestyle by making transportation as easy as the push of a button.

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  4. Mobility Trailers

    Prices Start at $2,150.00

    A unique alternative to lifts and ramps, mobility scooter trailers allow you to carry your mobility aid behind your vehicle. Mobility scooter trailers are most commonly used by those customers whose vehicles cannot accommodate a lift, such as a small sedan. These scooter trailers are perfect for customers who want to maintain an active lifestyle without upgrading to a large SUV or van, especially those who are interested in travelling with their mobility aids.

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  5. Manual Wheelchair Carrier

    Prices Start at $455.00

    If you are searching for a budget-friendly wheelchair carrier, look no further than Scooter Direct. We offer several different lifts for mobility scooters, in both electric and manual styles. From brands such as Harmar and Pride Mobility, these products simplify the task of lifting your mobility aid into your vehicle, which helps you maintain your active lifestyle.

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