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Folding Electric Wheelchair

Our Merrits P101 folding electric wheelchair has many benefits. First, they are foldable for easy transport; just fold it up and go! Second, they are lightweight, which makes transporting them simple. Although a little more costly than a traditional model, this style is definitely worth the extra buck if you are constantly on the move. It certainly takes a lot less time and effort to store in the trunk of your car.

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  1. Cirrus Plus EC-20
    Drive Medical
    Model: CPN16FBA

    • Turning Radius Only 30 to 32 inch
    • Fully-featured foldable power wheelchair
    Retail Price: $3,421.00

    Call: (800) 987-6791
    Weight Capacity Top Speed Turning Radius
    300 lbs 5 mph 35"
  2. Merits P101 Folding Power Wheelchair
    Model: P101
    • Easily foldable battery bracket allows for improved portability 
    • 23" turning radius allows the chair to be used in very confined spaces
    • Available in 16" or 18" seat widths
    • Adjustable height flip-up armrests
    • Fully-featured foldable power wheelchair
    Retail Price: $5,499.00

    Call: (800) 987-6791
    Weight Capacity Top Speed Turning Radius Driving Range
    300 lbs 5 mph 23" 18 Miles
  3. Cirrus Plus HD Folding Power wheelchair-20
    Drive Medical
    Model: CPN22FBA
    • Foldable, lightweight frame for easy portability.
    • Steel double cross-brace frame.
    • Adjustable-tension back upholstery.
    • Armrests are padded, adjustable and removable.
    • Adjustable-length controller mount.
    • Adjustable-tension back upholstery.
    Retail Price: $3,921.00

    Call: (800) 987-6791
    Weight Capacity Top Speed Turning Radius Driving Range Heaviest Part
    400 lbs 5 mph 35" 15 Miles 90 lbs
  4. Pride Passport
    Pride Mobility
    Model: Jazzy Passport
    • In-Home Service Warranty
    • Great for Travel
    • Simply folds for effortless transport
    • Adjustable Swing Away Joystick
    • Lithium Battery, Convenient Storage, Lap Belt, & Cup Holder Included
    • Specialty foam seat design for extreme comfort
    Retail Price: $2,899.00

    Call: (800) 987-6791
    Weight Capacity Top Speed Driving Range Heaviest Part
    250 lbs 3.6 mph 9.6 Miles 53 lbs

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An advantage of the folding electric wheelchair compared to a traditional types of powerchaits —which are often very heavy—you’ll have no problem carrying it around. Being lightweight has the advantage of not having to use a lot of upper body strength so moving it around or putting it in your vehicle will be a breeze.

There are two ways the model can be folded; either they can be folded forward or from side to side down the middle. The design that doubles over has proven to be less rigid (as mentioned above) when opened. This can be bothersome for some people but out of the many benefits available, why concern yourself with this minor flaw? Built with a thin structure, the Cirrus Plus EC is very compact and lightweight making it even easier to handle and transport, as well as store, when not in use.

The Cirrus Plus EC and Cirrus Plus HD folding electric wheelchair come with many additional features, including adjustable-tension back upholstery that can be custom-fitted to the user across the entire frame. This feature allows the addition of a cushion that will manage pressure areas while sitting and increase lumbar support and comfort. Another feature includes independent leg rests that can be easily swung away from the chair when not needed, making the Cirrus Plus EC and HD models exceptionally versatile.

Other features that you might enjoy when owning a folding electric wheelchair include their full or part-time use, battery range of up to 14 miles, and speeds of 6 mph. If you have further questions or are unsure which of the mobility devices in our catalog are right for you, feel free to contact us for expert advice and support.