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Power wheelchairs

Power wheelchairs
Choosing the right power wheelchair can be difficult, but Scooter Direct can help make it a little easier. We offer a variety of power wheelchairs for sale to suit our customers’ wide range of mobility needs. Whether you need a standard chair, a heavy-duty model, a folding model, or a chair for traveling, you can find the power wheelchair at Scooter Direct.
  1. Portable Electric Wheelchair

    Prices Start at $749.99

    Portable electric wheelchairs can be a huge asset when it comes to your mobility. Today, there are three types of portable electric wheelchairs; center, rear wheel and front-wheel drive, and each style has its own unique capabilities and functions. At Scooter Direct, we carry a range of models covering all of these types, so you’re certain to find a vehicle that suits your needs.

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  2. Folding Electric Wheelchair

    Prices Start at $749.99

    Folding Electric wheelchairs are motorized wheelchairs designed to provide mobility assistance while offering the convenience of portability. Unlike traditional power wheelchairs, which are often bulky and difficult to transport, folding electric wheelchairs are engineered with collapsible frames that allow them to be easily folded down into a compact size. This makes them ideal for storage in car trunks, closets, or while traveling. Equipped with rechargeable batteries that power electric motors, these wheelchairs enable users to navigate indoor and outdoor environments with minimal physical exertion, enhancing independence for individuals with limited mobility.

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  3. Standard Power Chairs

    Prices Start at $1,599.99

    Standard Power chairs come in different designs: rear, center or front wheel drive. Some models have suspension for comfortable outdoor use, while others are specially designed for indoor maneuverability. They provide a comfortable ride, a sharp turning radius and great battery travel range. Standard power chairs offer a wide range of options for suspension, driving, seating and accessories. These chairs don't fold or come apart easily for travel. Usually they are transported using a variety of manual or electric lifts and ramps.

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  4. Heavy Duty Power Wheelchairs

    Prices Start at $3,207.00

    Taking on outdoor adventures or hard to navigate areas can be difficult for people confined to transportation devices, but with a heavy duty power wheelchair, you will be able to overcome obstacles you never thought possible. From home and shopping to office spaces, there is nothing too big or small for these devices.

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1. How do I know if my wheelchair batteries are running out?
When you notice the travel time starting to decline then your batteries are beginning to go bad and it is time to replace them. The amount of time it will take for your batteries to become unusable cannot be determined so replacing them quickly is the best way to prevent you from being stranded.

2. Are power wheelchairs slower than mobility scooters?
Yes, generally power wheelchairs are slower than mobility scooters for safety. However, at 3.5 to 4 mph, they are still faster than the average walking speed so you will not be left behind.

3. Can I use a powerchair outside?
Yes. Power chairs and wheelchairs do work on firm ground outside. Pavement is best for normal operation and safety.

4. Will power wheelchairs be damaged if they are pushed when not charged?
No. Powerchairs have a motor engage/disengage lever to put the motor in a neutral position which allows them to be pushed.

5. What is the reason to choose a power wheelchair over a scooter?
Powerchairs have a much better turning radius and are preferred for indoor use especially in smaller homes or apartments. They work better than mobility scooters for getting on and off elevators getting into and out of bathrooms and other tight spaces.

6. Which model powerchairs are good for travel?
There is a category of power wheelchairs designed for easy transportation.  Travel Powerchairs, like the Go Chair with a heaviest part of 36 lbs are light enough and small enough to be lifted into a vehicle.

7. What if I get caught in the rain on my power wheelchair?
If you are caught in the rain, it is recommended you get under shelter as soon as possible. But if that is going to take too long then you want to cover the joystick as quickly as possible to prevent it from getting damaged.

8. Is there an option to lock these chairs to avoid misuse by kids?
Most power wheelchairs have a power button without a key so there is no way to lock the unit to prevent use.

9. Will I be given a demo on how to use my new power wheelchair?
No, Power Wheelchairs are very easy to operate and will arrive in the box with very good instructions for assembly and operation.

10. What is the downside of a power wheelchair compared to a mobility scooter?
Mobility scooters are a better option for significant outdoor use especially when used on uneven or rough terrain. Mobility scooters are often faster and would be better in some cases such as exercising a dog or use as a community vehicle.