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Heavy Duty Wheelchairs

Heavy duty wheelchairs are a stronger, reinforced product which can support individuals with a weight of 450 to 700 pounds. Every inch of this product is reinforced, from the upholstery to the frame to the wheels.

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  1. Heavy Duty Steel Transport Chair-20
    Drive Medical
    Model: BTR20 / BTR22
    • 12 inch Flat free rear wheels
    • Reinforced steel frame for added support
    Retail Price: $545.97

    Call: (800) 987-6791
    Weight of Chair Weight Capacity Seat Depth Heaviest Part
    45 lbs 450 lbs 18 inch 41, 45 lbs

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The product is also made of heavier materials to have the stability and sturdiness of the normal product. Scooter Direct provides this product and any accessories at an affordable price. Heavy duty wheelchairs have reinforcement in the side frame, and the entirety of the frame is a powder coated silver vein.

There are reinforced steel gussets on this product; they are placed on the weight bearing points. This ensures that there is even more strength in the frame of the product. Also, there are also reinforced caster journals and dual cross bars. Normal versions of this product do not have these additions. The wheels are made of steel, which allow for more strength and no maintenance.

Most of these heavy duty wheelchairs have several different seat width options. These include 22-, 26-, 28-, and 30-inch widths. This allows for the product to accommodate larger bodies and ensures the maximum amount of comfort for the customer. The upholstery of the product is made from nylon, which is very durable and reinforced. The removable plastic armrests are contoured so that the customer is comfortable.

Depending on the model, the weight of the product varies quite a bit. One model weighs between 45 and 49 pounds while another has a weight range of 87 to 104 pounds. The aluminum footplates are extra-large for the maximum amount of support; these are also tapered and crack proof. All models come with push wheel locks, which enables the customer to sit in the product for long periods of time without it moving.

Heavy duty wheelchairs are built to last a lifetime; the products also come with a limited lifetime warranty for any problems down the road. The economical prices of these products ensure that customers can comfortably purchase it. Scooter Direct allows their clients to keep up with their lifestyle in comfort and style.