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Lifts, Ramps

When your mobility is limited, it can be difficult to navigate everyday movements that others take for granted, such as getting into and out of a vehicle. Fortunately, Scooter Direct carries a range of scooter lifts and wheelchair lifts for cars and vans—the sole purpose of these devices is to raise the mobility device aloft in order to avoid transport your device where you need it. As such, wheelchair lifts are perfect mobility accessories for people who need to run errands outside of the house, or enjoy traveling.


We offer platforms with both manual and electrical operation so you can tailor your choice to suit both your needs and your budget. In addition to allowing easier access to your vehicle, many of our products also act as mounted carriers for your scooter or chair.

One such product is the TriLift Mobility Carrier. With its compact size and automatic locking mechanism, this item offers great ground clearance for powerchairs and scooters, so you’ll never have to worry about getting your mobility aid into and out of the garage or over uneven terrain. This product also offers a Three Year Transferable Limited Factory Warranty on all parts making it a solid, safe choice for those who need to transport their chair or scooter from a to b.

Manual carriers and folding carriers are often the most cost-effective option for people shopping for wheelchair lifts for cars. These products, such as the VersaHaul Manual Carrier XL are great for users who do not have the room inside their vehicle for their mobility device. The ramp easily secures and locks into place on the back of your vehicle and can be folded up when not in use. With its anti-tilt locking device, you’ll have no need to worry that your scooter or chair is not properly secured. Feel the freedom that comes from being able to take your mobility transport aid wherever you go!

We also carry a range of inside electric lifting devices, many of which are suitable for use as wheelchair lifts for vans. These hardy, durable products, such as the Harmar AL625 Hybrid, have a lifting capacity of up to 350 lbs and a vertical reach of up to 33.5 inches. With an expansive platform size with drive-on/drive-off dual entry capability, this product is a must for those with larger mobility aids who require easy access into and out of their vehicle. Whatever your needs, we’re confident you’ll find a suitable product in our extensive inventory.