Lifts, Ramps

When your mobility is limited, it can be difficult to navigate everyday movements that others take for granted, such as getting into and out of a vehicle. Fortunately, Scooter Direct carries a range of scooter lifts and wheelchair lifts for cars and vans—the sole purpose of these devices is to raise the mobility device aloft in order to avoid transport your device where you need it. As such, wheelchair lifts are perfect mobility accessories for people who need to run errands outside of the house, or enjoy traveling.
  1. Mobility Lifts

    Prices Start at $685.00

    Scooter Direct carries only high quality scooter and power wheelchair lifts and carriers. We only sell the mobility lifts that we trust to be the best. The scooter and wheelchair lift brands we carry are the manufacturers we trust.

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  2. Mobility Ramps

    Prices Start at $98.50

    Scooter Direct is proud to offer you a large selection of high quality, yet affordable access ramps for both Power wheelchair and scooters. Our mobility scooter ramps can be used in your home or office and outdoors for transporting your mobility equipment in your van or truck. Most of these scooter ramps are made of the highest quality aluminum and are designed for use with almost any power wheelchair or mobility scooter. We have a variety of portable handicap ramps to meet your ramp access needs for almost any application, including both residential and ADA commercial access.

    Use the Ramp Length Calculator to determine which ramp length will create the angle of entry that will meet your requirments.

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  3. Lift Accessories

    Prices Start at $69.00

    Please select your accessory brand to match your mobility equipment brand manufacturer. In order to have compatible attachments. Not all accessories fit on your scooter. Please contact us for any additional Help.

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