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Orders, Shipping & Returns
How do I place an Order ?
You can place your order by phone, mail, fax or online: Contact us All orders are reviewed by a Mobility Specialist to ensure our customers are getting the correct product
How do I create and edit an account ?
Go to Account Log In link at the top Left side of our site. Click New Customer Registration Then simply follow the prompts to complete setting up your account. To edit your account information use the same log in e-mail address and password and save after you finish editing your data. You are required to create an account with Scooter Direct ONLY for online orders.
How do I find a Product?
To find the product you're looking for, you may use the navigation menus on the left of our website. Or type a keyword into the SEARCH box. If you have any trouble locating a product, feel free to Contact Us.
What do you charge for shipping?
Shipping is Free within the Continental U.S.A on all orders. Please contact us for freight quotes to Hawaii, Alaska or Puerto Rico: Shipping Policy
Do you ship to my country?

Sorry we do not accept international purchases outside the USA.

When will my credit card be charged ?

Your credit card will be charged as soon as we process your order and send it to shipping. Back Orders will be charged one business day before shipping.

How long will it take to get my equipment?

All in-stock items take 3 to 10 Business days to be delivered. If an item is not in stock, we will inform you with an estimated time of arrival.

How do I track my order ?

You can track you order online as soon as it ships: Tracking Department.

Will my order arrive assembled ?

Your Scooter or power chair will arrive Pre-Assembled. You will only have to connect the batteries and pop the seat. Some Lifts and carriers require minimum assembly before installation. Most of all other products arrive fully assembled.

My product is missing parts.

Sometimes items on your order ship from different warehouses from all over the country. You might receive you scooter first and the batteries or accessories after in a different delivery. Please wait for few days before you report missing items on you order.

What is your return policy?

We offer the Best Online return Policy. Returns are accepted 30 Days from the date of purchase in brand new condition. We charge 15% Restocking fee and freight. Check our Return Policy for more details.

Would I get a sales receipt when I place an order ?
As soon as we process the orders we e-mail our customers a sales receipt with an Invoice in a PDF Format attachment. Customers who can’t provide us with an e-mail address will receive a copy of their sales receipt in regular mail.
Do you offer Volume Discounts?
We offer business and public sector accounts a 5% Volume Order Discount and an open account with a net 30 day terms: Volume Discount
Payment Sales Tax and Prices
What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept Master Card, Visa, Discover, American Express, Money Orders, Wire Transfers, personal checks and Paypal.
What about sales tax on the Mobility items?
Many medical equipment products are tax exempt. At this time, shipping from one state to another makes it tax exempt. You would pay no sales tax.
Do you offer Finance?
We offer finance plans through Sharpe Financial Network on all orders over $1,000.00: Finance
Are there any hidden charges?
NO. We are proud to offer UP FRONT PRICING.
Are you Price Competitive?
Yes, our prices are competitive.  We recommend you Signup for Special Offers and Promotions.
How do I use a coupon ?
At the bottom of the shopping cart you'll see a box where you may enter your coupon code and apply the additional discount to the shopping cart total. Please note that you can redeem only 1 coupon per order and you can’t combine offers and discounts.
Do you have a Privacy Policy?
Scooter Direct maintains a strict "no-spam" policy. Your email address is used only by Scooter Direct to send you order confirmations, updates and promotions. You can be assured that your email address will NEVER be passed on to any other outside company. Our company does not send un-requested material to customers. For a full explanation please visit Privacy Policy / Disclaimer.
What about Online Transaction Security?
We offer guaranteed transaction security with GeoTrust. When you place online orders we use a secure server. The information you provide to us is sent via a secure socket layer (SSL) transmission. Furthermore, all of this data is protected against unauthorized access, and is stored with 128-bit encryption on our servers.
What is your Low Price Guarantee?
We are so confident that you will not get a better price on our mobility products from anyone else that we offer you a 30-day Low price guarantee. If you can find a better price on the product we supply. We will not only refund the difference, we will give you a further 20 percent off the difference: Low Price Guarantee.
Third Party Assistance
Will my Medicare or private insurance cover the cost of the lift?
No. At this time, most insurance companies do not cover the cost of a lift.
Can I get any assistance to buy a Lift or carrier?

YES, if you purchased a new automobile in the last 6 months to a year. You may be reimbursed from the manufacturer for your purchase of a lift or ramp: Mobility Programs FORD - $1000, 1- 800-952-2248. CHRYSLER - $750 - $1,000, 1- 800-255-9877. GM - $1000, 1-800-323-9935. TOYOTA - $1000, 1-800-331-4331. LEXUS - $1000, 1-800-255-3987. SATURN - 1-800-553-6000. VW - 1-800-374-8389.

Does Medicare pay for an electric scooter, power wheelchair or lift chair ?

Medicare has certain coverage criteria that must be met before they will pay for equipment. For a scooter or power chair to be considered medically necessary, all of the following coverage criteria must be met: - Your condition is such that a wheelchair is required for you to get around in your home, You are unable to operate a manual wheelchair, - You are capable of safely operating the controls of the scooter or power chair, and - In addition, a patient who requires a scooter usually cannot perform functional ambulation skills and has limited strength or use of the upper extremities. The patient should also have adequate trunk stability to "hold" themselves upright in the seat. Note: An individual who requires a power wheelchair is totally non-ambulatory and has severe weakness of the upper extremities that prevents them from self-propelling in a manual wheelchair.

IMPORTANT: Medicare now has a rental program for mobility scooters, power wheelchairs, hospital beds and some other mobility / assistive products. So, now that these devices are a rental, you have a limited selection, and the device may be used.

Please Note: Medicare will not cover lift chairs, mobility scooters, power wheelchairs and other mobility devices if the patient is in a hospital, rehab facility, skilled nursing facility, or nursing facility.

Do you handle Medicare / Private Insurance billing?

Now, in many areas, called competitive bidding areas, you must get most devices from a select group of suppliers chosen by Medicare. If you are outside of the competitive bid areas you will need to find a dealer who can bill Medicare (call Medicare at 1-800-633-4227 to locate a provider).

We have chosen not to be a Medicare or Private Insurance providers so we can not file Medicare claims for you. We will provide you with a sales receipt and you may file with the appropriate insurance/agency on your own behalf.

How much does my Medicare or private insurance cover?

If the equipment is medically necessary and you qualify, most insurance providers including Medicare will cover the first 80% after your deductible is met for the year. The remaining 20% is typically covered by your secondary insurance. If you have no secondary insurance you would be responsible for the secondary portion. If you are covered no money down is required

Products Guide
What kind of warranty and service after sale do you offer?
Most of our New Mobility products come with one to three year limited manufacturers warranty. Please refer to product pages for warranty information. All the Pride Scooters come with an additional one Year in Home Labor Warranty. And all Golden Technologies scooters come with One to Three Year Parts and Labor in Home service warranty. Please visit our Service after Sales Department for more details.
Are batteries and charger included with the final Mobility Product price?
The batteries and charger prices are included in the prices listed on our site for scooters or power chairs. Your product will arrive with two Gel sealed maintenance free batteries. These batteries are FAA/airline approved and can be used on all forms of public transportation
How do I decide whether I need a scooter or a power chair?

A scooter must be steered and is best suited for individuals with sufficient use of their upper body and arms to operate the handlebars. A scooter also requires more room for maneuvering than a power chair. Finally, a scooter is not recommended for those with a rapidly progressing condition.

How do I select a scooter?

To ensure comfort and safety, a scooter first must possess adequate capacity for a person=s height and weight. The second consideration is the environment in which the scooter will be operated. Rough or outdoor terrain may require more power and larger tires, while primarily indoor use may call for smaller tires and a better turning radius. The selection of a scooter that will be transported also may be affected by the limitations of the vehicle in which it will be carried

Each scooter featured on our site includes a list of its specifications. Just click on the model of your choice to view the scooter’s weight capacity and other features. In addition, persons with a height of 5' 5" or under should consider scooters with an overall length of 42 inches or less. People taller than 5' 5" generally require longer models to ensure ample leg room. A variety of special sized seats and seat options also are available to ensure safety and comfort.
The biggest difference between the two types is that 3 wheelers have a better turning radius as compared to 4 wheelers. This is most apparent in a house or similar confined area. Four-wheeled scooters originally evolved from the need for more stable operation when traveling on slopes or uneven terrain. However, newer models of 3-wheeled scooters also boast a very stable ride due to their optimized center of balance.
Most Medium size scooters come with the recommended configuration of two 12 volt, 33 amp Gel batteries. These batteries provide 15 to 20 miles of travel per charge based on average use by a 175 lb person on a flat surface. Exceeding these conditions will shorten the expected range. However, most models can be fit with optional larger batteries if more range is needed.
Battery charging takes an average of 6 to 8 hours. In addition, most models include chargers with automatic shut off. This feature allows the user to plug in the charger at night and have fully charged batteries by morning.
The speed of a scooter will range from 3.5 to 9.5 m.p.h., depending on the model. Scooter speed is controlled both with a dial and through the amount of pressure the user places on the throttle. The specifications chart for each scooter featured on our site includes the speed range for the individual model.
Most electric scooters are intended for paved pathways and will not perform well on dirt, gravel, or grass surfaces. However, there are a few scooters out there that will perform a little better on these more rugged surfaces.
Trunk lifts are mechanical devices that lift and load scooters, power chairs and wheelchairs into vehicles. They are designed to require little or no lifting or disassembly of the mobility product. Trunk lifts may be fitted to cars, trucks and vans.
We offer a selection of trunk lift models and configurations to accommodate most makes of cars, vans and trucks. However, the vehicle must have adequate space and clearance for the mobility product being loaded.
Carriers also are mechanical devices that lift scooters, power chairs and wheelchairs. However, instead of loading the mobility product into a vehicle's trunk or cargo space, a carrier secures it to the rear of a vehicle for transport.
Carriers are ideal for vehicles that lack sufficient cargo space for mobility products. Carriers also are recommended for those who want to preserve available cargo space for other uses.
Proper use of a trunk lift requires that the operator be stable when standing and have use of his or her upper body. In addition, a carrier requires that the operator have the ability to get into the vehicle once the mobility product is loaded.
A properly installed lift or carrier will not create damage or other loss of value to a vehicle. Furthermore, lifts and carriers may be installed on leased vehicles.
If you purchase an outside lifts, an optional scooter or wheelchair cover is available according to the size of your equipment. The motor on the lift itself is sealed to protect it from rain damage