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Reclining Back Wheelchairs

Reclining Back Wheelchairs
If you find yourself spending a large amount of time restricted to a seated position due to illness or weakness, a reclining wheelchair may provide the comfort and support you’ve been needing. When you sit for long periods of time, it can place a great deal of stress on your spine, causing discomfort and even pain. These reclining back wheelchairs provide expertly-engineered features such as hydraulic reclining mechanisms, swing-away elevating leg rests, and headrest extensions with cushioned head immobilizers for the maximum level of safety, comfort, and functionality.

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  1. Silver Sport Full-Reclining Wheelchair

    Drive Medical
    Model: SSP18RBDDA
    • Headrest extension with cushioned head immobilizer standard.
    • Comes standard with swing-away elevating leg rests.
    • Metal foot plates.
    • Comes with push to lock wheel locks.
    MSRP $469.00 MSRP $469.00 $429.00
    Call: (800) 987-6791
    Weight of Chair Weight Capacity Seat Depth Heaviest Part
    61 lbs 300 lbs 16 inch inch 61 lbs
    Weight of Chair 61 lbs
    Weight Capacity 300 lbs
    Seat Depth 16 inch inch
    Heaviest Part 61 lbs

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