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Lifts, Ramps

When your mobility is limited, it can be difficult to navigate everyday movements that others take for granted, such as getting into and out of a vehicle. Fortunately, Scooter Direct carries a range of scooter lifts and wheelchair lifts for cars and vans—the sole purpose of these devices is to raise the mobility device aloft in order to avoid transport your device where you need it. As such, wheelchair lifts are perfect mobility accessories for people who need to run errands outside of the house, or enjoy traveling.

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  1. PVI Mounted Rear Door Van Ramp

    PVI Ramps
    Model: VAN727 / VAN827
    • Center Hinge Spring Assisted Folding Ramp
    • Stores Vertically Inside The Van Or Mini Van
    • Easily operated by one person
    • Ramp Length 7 or 8 FT
    MSRP $880.00 MSRP $880.00 $815.00
    Call: (800) 987-6791
    Lift Capacity
    600 lbs
    Lift Capacity 600 lbs

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