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Weatherbreaker Canopy

Manufacturer: Diestco
Model: C2310
MSRP $220.00 MSRP $220.00 What's this? $176.00
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Different models and colors choices

Attaches To Wheelchairs Or Scooters

Adult size mounts on seats up to 26" wide


The WeatherBreakerTM is a canopy that attaches to wheelchairs or scooters to protect you from the sun and rain. It′s great for getting to and from work, daily errands, waiting at the bus stop ... whenever you need it!

The Canopy fits any wheelchair or scooter. The canopy itself is generic, but the mounting kit will vary slightly depending on the make and model of your wheelchair or scooter.  When you order, you will be asked the make and model of your wheelchair or scooter.  When you receive your canopy, it will include all the parts that you need to mount it to your vehicle.

How does it attach to my wheelchair/scooter?
It will take you approximately 15-20 minutes to attach the 2 mounting poles to your wheelchair/scooter.  These are black poles approximately 8" tall and less than an inch in width so they will not interfere with the normal operation of your wheelchair/scooter.  Once the mounting poles are attached, then the canopy slips in and out.

What are the different choices of canopy models? The Base Model is made of solid fabric and is less expensive.  The Vented Model is similar, however, it has mesh material on the sides and back instead of solid fabric.  The Vented Model is more popular because it provides more ventilation for heat protection while still sufficiently protecting from sunlight and rain.  The Max Protection Model is the same as the Vented Model, however you also receive plastic drapes that cover your sides from canopy top to seat bottom to give you maximum protection.  The plastic drapes slip over your canopy and are easily removeable.

Ordering your Canopy
When ordering, please specify the following 4 items:
1. Color Choice:
Navy Blue
Cranberry Red
Teal Green
Charcoal Gray

2. Model Choice:
Base Model - Does not have vented mesh sides.
Vented Model - Mesh sides for airflow and visibility
Max Protection Model
- Includes Rain Proof clear plastic cover
3. Size Choice:
Adult Size

4. The Make & Model of your Scooter/Wheelchair?
Note: By stating the Make/Model of your scooter/wheelchair, you will receive the appropriate mounting kit (examples below) that you will need to mount your canopy.

 It is easy to use and store? Yes.  After slipping it off of your vehicle, you can leave it fully assembled.  If you need to store it in a smaller space or take it with you, you can take 20-30 seconds to disassemble the frame (5 interlocking pieces) and put it back in it′s stuff sack (included). The stuff sack can then be put away, or hung behind your wheelchair/scooter to take it with you.

Will insurance pay for a canopy?  If you have a condition that is worsened by heat, sunlight, or sun rays, OR if you take a photosensitive medication (i.e. most antibiotics, seizure control medications, etc.) then speak with your doctor, therapist, or case worker to see if the WeatherBreaker is recommended.

Details and Specifications for the Weatherbreaker Canopy

The WeatherBreakerTM is the original and most universal canopy in the industry. No other product protects you from the sun and rain or mounts to more makes and models of wheelchairs and scooters as the WeatherBreakerTM

Adult size mounts on seats up to 26" wide

Manual and Videos for the Weatherbreaker Canopy

Warranty for the Weatherbreaker Canopy

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MSRP $220.00 MSRP $220.00 What's this?