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Real Customer Products Testimonials

Thank you for taking a moment to visit our products Testimonials section. These remarks were compiled from feedback received via our site as well as through direct product reviews from people who own and use our products. These comments are intended to assist you as you research your mobility product purchase.

Gillian »

Thank you for your excellent customer service,

John F. Allen, MD »

I am very pleased to have done bissness with you in selecting the Scout DST Suspension 4 wheel travel scooter. I'm 68 years old & was very active most of my life until 10 years ago, I injured my spine & can no longer walk more than 2 blocks w/of pain. Now I can look forward to having get back to a more complete lifestyle in getting around town. Thank you for your time & replying with your e-mail confirming my order.

M. Cooper »

THANKS for all your help with this purchase. I would recommend y'all to anyone looking to buy mobility equipment.

Linda M. »

Thank you for all your help and giving us a great price.  You have helped make it possible for me to get out of the house again!

Linda T. »

The service was excellent and the order arrived quickly and in good shape. I would definitely use ScooterDirect again!

Richard Auger »

I have been dealing with Scooter Direct for five years now and just ordered another pair of scooters. We use the scooters constantly at Disney and Busch Gardens. They break down extremely easy to store in your trunk or back of SUV. I highly recommend Scooter Direct for your scooter needs.

Fred »

I've bought several scooters from Scooter Direct over the years, and they have always been honest first and salesman second, placing my wellbeing ahead of the dollar sign.

Alan Labonte »

To me, the main thing is portability. In promoting my new book, my wife Lora and I have been doing a lot of traveling. My Go-Go scooter has helped me to speedily move down airline ramps, onto commuter trains, to taxicabs, to hotel rooms and onto stages when making presentations. Its compact size and low weight make it easy to move and store so that it's readily available for my next move.

Pamela J »

My father just passed away. I'd just like to let all of you know that my father loved his scooter.  It truly was his lifeline to the outside world.  He depended on it every day to do errands or just get out and about as he called it.  Every day he could be found sitting in front of the Publix store there in Marathon saying Hi to everyone or in front of the park where he lived waving to the cars, firemen, police, etc. that went by.  Everyone knew him on that scooter; he was known as the official town greeter. When he passed away in July a few of his friends placed his scooter in front of the Publix with his picture on the seat as a memorial and tribute to him.

So, thanks to anyone that ever helped him and hope everyone there realizes that what they do does make a difference in someone's life.

Eric »

Thank you very much for the scooter for my daughter.   We received it in perfect conditions.  I really appreciate your help.

God bless you, your family and your business.

Debora S »

I just wanted to let you know how great it was to find a company that was wonderful to work with.  Your staff is pleasant and accommodating.  The lift that I purchased arrived quickly and was easy to have installed.  I wish I had done this much sooner.  I truly have my life back now that I can load my electric wheelchair by myself.  I highly recommend your company.

Vicki D »

My Dad bought a scooter from Scooter Direct and they made this experience so easy. They were very professional even when we had some difficulties on our end. We needed it shipped to Florida so we could pick it up on our vacation they made suggestions on where to have it shipped. We received it as expected and it was very well packed and easy to assemble. My dad has had a good time riding it around the campground.

Peggy »

Just want to applaud a well-run, really helpful, very informed business.  When I call, I know that I am getting the right guidance whether it's buying a new scooter, batteries, accessories, caring for the ones that I have, etc. The freedome to really enjoy my neighborhood and serious traveling is wonderful.  Love my travel scooter; pops apart and together in under a minute, easy to lift, load in the car and Go, Go Go!

"Come on, Honey, keep up with me!" is my new catch phrase, whether in Florida, Quebec, Lade Placid, or NYC in Central Part or at the museums, and now malls are great fun on rainy days.

I have spoken at lenth with other showrooms and have never found any that are as fully informed and helpful as ScooterDirect.com

Janet Harris »

Thank you! It takes time to do a wheel chair purchase and the Scooter Direct Specialist was patient and helpful!

Leslie Fox Pai »

Thank you so much for helping me get my dad a wonderful scooter at the best price anywhere. He is loving his freedom as he scoots around the world after being stuck at home for so long. You are the best... THANK YOU!

Linda Anderson-Montanez »

Just purchased a Pride Go Go X3 from Scooter Direct. I'm so excited. I got a good price and the scooter arrived the next day. I'm able to enjoy outdoor activities again. Thank you. Very happy with Scooter Direct.

John Carron  »

I would like to take this opportunity to Thank you very much for all of your Help and Guidance to insure I was getting eactly what I needed... Scooter Direct did an excellent job... Thanks

Summer Rose »

My husband used a scooter from Scooter Direct after his hip surgeries. It was a lifesaver! The mobility provided by the GoGo scooter was awesome. I was able to easily disassemble the scooter to transport it in the car for outings. He even took the GoGo to Publix almost daily. It has great battery life! The people at Scooter Direct treated us like family!

Sherry D. »

I cannot express enough how awesome Scooter Direct was to me. They went out of their way by helping with the assembly with the utmost kindness and politeness. Since they weren't far from me, they brought it all to me, showed me how everything worked. Even fixed my front door issue. Never have I had this much help since I became disabled. If you want honest, reasonable, and the best service, definitely choose Scooter Direct for all of your mobility needs.

Susan Packard  »

I loved everything about you people. He loves his new ride. R-- was awesome. Through all the confusion of my credit card not going working on your end, he remained gentle and kind. The lady at capital one was a b---- and he held his tongue. Thank you again for all you did.   I give you 5 out of 5

Michael M »

Hello, I just wanted to take a moment to publicly thank Russell for his outstanding customer support.  I've probably purchased 4 - 5 scooters from Scooters Direct and recently when I had a problem, he coordinated with the manufacturer to get my problems solved and questions answered.  Outstanding and a large part of why I remain a loyal customer.  As someone dependent on my scooter for my daily commute, I really appreciate his hard, courteous, and timely work.

 Thank you Russell and keep up the good work!

Larry Haycar »

I received my new Legend 4-wheel scooter in April of this year. Needless to say I'm very proud of it and like to show it off. I'm 62 and had a mini-stroke in 1995 which left me with a limp and weakness on my left side. I'll have a liver transplant in two or three months. The cirrosos left me even weaker. The scooter gives me independence which I haven't had in several years. I live in Bridgeport, New York. I'm now able to go fishing, see friends, go to the and just about anything I want to do.

Charles and Betty Folwell »

My husband and I went on a cruise last month through the Panama Canal.  Before we left we purchased a Pride Sundancer.  My husband had Polio and now has trouble walking.  Weren't sure if the Scooter would help or if it would just be a pain in the neck.  To our surprise, my husband was able to drive it right to the Jetway and they returned it to him at the Jetway.  Still looking like new!
Well, he was the hit of the ship on his red scooter.  He was all over the ship.  We even had a formal portrait made on the scooter.  I can't tell you how many people wanted to know where we got it and if they would be able to get one themselves.

We plan several more cruises this year and we would like to be able to give out information that might be beneficial to both of us.

Francis Prewett »

I just wanted you to know what a wonderful product I feel you make and how proud I am to be the owner of one.  Recently I had delivered a new Celebrity Limited Edition XL. A day or two later we took it to the mall and you would not believe the admiring glances it got and the   favorable comments directed towards it.  One little boy around 4 or 5 smiled and told his daddy next to him he was going to "buy one of those someday!" Another male adult was across the hall and stopped three times just to turn around and glance at it:  if he would have been nearer, I feel that he would have plied me with questions about it! I really appreciate the qualities of design, solidity, and power you have put into it, and the finer touches like the tortoise and the hair for speed variations on the control panel rheostat. The Scooter/Batteries were paid for by my medical coverage at work.  Now I am working towards some of the options. (baskets, cane holder, hand brake) as they fit into my budget.  I have had cerebral palsy since birth and this extends my independence and versatility in the best way.  The forest green /camel color scheme is very handsome and eye catching and pleases me immensely.

I really feel you folks know you're work and are very concerned about providing a quality product.  I heartily applaud your efforts and thank you sincerely with all my heart.

Keep up the good work and God Bless You.

Arthur Ross »

I am a hospital chaplain who has to walk two to three miles a day in a facility that has 11 miles of hallways.  This summer I developed tendentious in my right foot which is so painful that I could not walk on it. The doctor put my leg in a cast and for two weeks I made my rounds in a manual wheelchair. This was not as easy for me as it looks for the patients.  At 72 years of age, it seemed as if I might have to retire because of this condition.

I began looking at electric scooters and after looking at six or seven brands, I was convinced that you put out the most attractive and reliable unit on the market. Not only for my physical limitation could I use one, but also to save time. I wish I had thought of this sooner, even before my disability had developed.

Everyone who sees my Pride Legend stops and admires it. Frequent comments from colleagues and patients are; "Wow, where did you get that." "I'll bet that was expensive."  "It's so attractive and good looking."  The most frequent remark was you're driving a Cadillac." One male nurse called it the Pope-mobile!"

Thank you so much for making this vehicle available at a price I could afford. It has revolutionized my ministry. Without it I would have had to quit my job or take a leave of absence. Now, because I can ride to where I have to go, my foot is on the mend. And when I am paged to go on a critical or Code Blue, I can respond so much more quickly—my travel time is actually cut to one-third.

Thank you again for your consideration of my need for this useful tool.

Jo Anne, North Carolina, DMR-670 »

I am not able to sleep in a flat position and be able to get myself up. I also require several rest periods during the day. Sitting in a "normal" chair is not only uncomfortable, but also very difficult to get up from. This chair is great. It is very comfortable. It is large enough that I can easily change sitting positions and it is definitely good to sleep in.

Eleanor, Pennsylvania, TMR-560 »

My husband and I purchased the lift chair for my 96-year-old mother who is very alert for her age but has terrible arthritis. She can get herself in and out of the chair with no trouble and either lie back to rest or sit with her feet up and read. We love it!

Barbara, Washington, DMR-670 »

My lift chair is very comfortable and allows me to easily transfer from the chair to my Pride Sundancer Scooter.

Harry A. Engel »

I live in the Old Fellows Home in Walla Walla Washington and watch Delma Smith run all over town in her Jazzy Model 1101. There are few places she can't go. All the other Power Chairs stay close to their plug in's. She is able to go to town and back and still has power to spare. I wonder how it can go so far on one charge? I'm 55 years old. I can still walk. But within a year my legs will give out and I'll need some way to get around when I have to go places. I'm hoping to be able to read your brochures soon and make my plans to fill my needs to get around.

Kate Lykins, Winchester, Kentucky »

My husband enjoys the use of his Jazzy motorized wheelchair tremendously.  It has improved his quality of life tremendously. So many people ask us how and where we got the Jazzy.  We have told so many people our story and some have gone on to buy their own Jazzy chairs. 
Both my husband and I are probably your youngest customers.  My husband is only 27 but was severely disabled in an accident in which he lost his right leg and only has limited use of his right arm.  He also suffered a close head injury that left his brain unable to control his blood pressure.  This chair has been a great help to us, and to keep a young lifestyle.  It greatly helps my husband keep up with our 3 year old daughter. 
Thank You!

Frederic Belanger, Jazzy 1170 XL »

I love the maneuverability, while I'm sitting in my 1170 and while I stand beside it to power it up a ramp into my van. The strength, power, extremely quiet operation, smooth ride, and mostly, the reliability, have so impressed me!

Edward, Nevada »

This is the best thing that has happened to me physically since I hurt my back four years ago. The company that sells your product should be commended for their perfection of service and professionalism selling this fin wheelchair. They should be told this because they treated me like I was the only customer they had and made sure I was happy before I accepted the chair. How could I have been happier? I have one of the best products ever made, in my opinion.

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