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Harmar AL301XL Fusion Lift

Manufacturer: Harmar

Model: AL301XL

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An outside lift designed to carry todays largest power chairs and scooters. This Harmar AL301XL Fusion Lift is the perfect solution to safely and securely transport your largermobility device.

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Overview of the Harmar AL301XL Fusion Lift

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AL301XL Fusion Lift

A Harmar exclusive, the unique design of the AL301XL Fusion lift make it the ideal solution to safely and securely transport some of the largest power chairs and scooters available. With its extra large deck and adjustable cradles, this lift is one the biggest and most capable outside lift on the market.

Also available: AL301XLHD Fusion Lift with heavy-duty 400 lbs. capacity!


  • Carries larger power chairs and scooters
  • Four Self-tensioning retractor straps
  • No chair or scooter modifications required
  • Extra-Large aluminum deck

Optional Accessories

AL105  Swing Away Option allows an unoccupied outside lift to be easily pivoted away from the vehicle to gain clear access to the rear vehicle door or tailgate

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Details and Specifications for the Harmar AL301XL Fusion Lift

Lifting capacity: 350 lbs
Aluminum deck size: 36" X 39"
Maximum scooter width: 35.5"
Maximum scooter wheelbase: 48"
Installed weight: 100 lbs.
Hitch height (range): 5”-18”
Hitch: Class III or greater
Warranty: 3-Year Transferable

General Lift Questions

Q: What is a 2" square or class 3 receiver hitch?

A: Your trailer hitch has a 2" square receiver if the inside measurement of the opening on the hitch where the drawbar goes is 2" x 2". Your hitch will accept the products on this website that are made for 2" square receivers such as the Hitch-Mounted carriers fscooters, powerchairs...etc.

If you have a class 2 hitch receiver, it means the square receiver measurement is an inch and a quarter (1.25 " inches)

Most carriers are made for class III  or 2" receivers hitches. If your hitch is a class II hitch receiver, you will need an adaptor to switch the class II into a class III. We sell adaptors with most carriers or you can consult with your local hitch installer/ dealer.

Q: Can I plug the lift into the existing wiring on my vehicle?
A: No, all Harmar Mobility lifts must be powered by the supplied electrical harness. The harness has full-length leads that attach directly to the battery.

Q: What maintenance must be performed to keep the lift operating properly?
A: All Harmar Mobility products are designed and tested to operate flawlessly for years of trouble-free use with very little maintenance. Please refer to the Owners′ Manual for your particular product′s maintenance schedule.

Q: Are the motors/actuators water proof?
A: All Harmar lifts, except the AL600 Series, are completely weatherproof and designed to withstand outdoor use.

Outside Lifts

Q: Why do outside lifts have a second electrical plug?
A: One plug on an outside lift is the power cord and the other is a trailer plug used to power the lift′s license plate light. Harmar is the only manufacturer that offers this easy solution for remounting the license plate to a visible area.

Q: Why isn′t the light working on my license plate?
A: The license plate light is powered by the 4-prong trailer plug on the end of the lift power cord. The vehicle must be wired with a trailer plug and the lift must be plugged in to illuminate the license plate light when the vehicle lights are on.

Q: Why is the power cord so long?
A: The length of the cord accommodates the Swing Away Option. When the Swing Away Option isn′t used, simply coil the excess wire and strap it to a sturdy area such as the hitch. We do not recommend cutting the cord to shorten it. Make sure all electrical components are above the lowest point on the vehicle.

Q: My vehicle is tall. Will the lift reach the ground?
A: All Harmar outside lifts adjust to a maximum trailer hitch height of 19 inches. Additional reach is available through our extensive selection of accessories. Please refer to the Owners′ Manual to properly adjust the lifting height for your vehicle.

Q: How much weight can a vehicle handle?
A: Trailer hitches are rated by capacity. Check the hitch capacity and make sure the COMBINED weight of the lift AND chair are under this rated capacity.

Q: Does the vehicle′s suspension need to be strengthened?
A: If the vehicle has or will accept a Class III (3) trailer hitch, you won′t need to supplement the stock suspension if it′s in proper working order. If the vehicle has or will only accept a Class II (2) trailer hitch, call the experts at Harmar or a hitch manufacturer for guidance. Always check the hitch capacity and make sure the COMBINED weight of the lift AND chair are under this rated capacity.

Q: How far behind my car will the lift extend?
A: Unloaded and in the folded position, Harmar′s Outside lifts only extend 12 inches behind the bumper. Add just 2 inches more for the Swing Away Option.

Q: What is a Pinch Bolt and what does it do?
A: The Pinch Bolt is designed to remove all "play" in trailer hitches. It assures a sturdy lift installation and eliminates the rocking and swaying common in many industry products. Please read the Owners′ Manual for installation instructions.

Q: What causes the ratcheting sound when the lift reaches the top or bottom?
A: All Harmar Outside lifts are equipped with a heavy-duty, commercial actuator that lifts the platform. At the end of a stroke, all the way UP or DOWN, the motor makes a ratcheting sound while the UP/DOWN switch is depressed. The noise comes from a clutch inside the motor that protects both the lift and your vehicle from overload. It is perfectly normal.

Swing Away Option

Q: Can a Swing Away be added to an existing Harmar Outside lift?
A: Yes, a Swing Away may be added at any time, but a dealer may charge for additional labor to remove and reinstall the lift if not installed at the same time as the lift.

Q: How does the lift bolt to the Swing Away?
A: The Hitch Post (2" x 2" tube) that is bolted to the lift is removed and the Swing Away is bolted to that location. The Hitch Post should be supplied to the customer for possible future installs.

Q: Can I open the Swing Away with the chair or scooter on the lift?
A: NO. The Swing Away may only be opened when the lift is unloaded and in the stowed, or folded, position.


General Questions

Q: When does the warranty take effect?
A: The manufacturer′s warranty goes into effect when the unit is purchased from an Authorized Harmar Dealer.

Q: Do you warranty replacement parts?
A: All purchased products carry our full manufacturer′s warranty.

Manuals and Videos for the Harmar AL301XL Fusion Lift

Brochure   Brochure Link

Warranty for the Harmar AL301XL Fusion Lift


Customer Reviews

Fits a big scooter
Review by John
Had trouble finding the right carrier for my large scooter. Salesman asked me for the details and worked to find the right one for me. This one fits my scooter, easy to use and breeze to install. (Posted on 3/19/2019)
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