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Power wheelchairs

Choosing the right power wheelchair can be difficult, but Scooter Direct can help make it a little easier. We offer a variety of power wheelchairs to suit our customers’ wide range of mobility needs. Whether you need a standard chair, a heavy-duty model, a folding model, or a chair for traveling, you can find it at Scooter Direct.
  • Travel Power chairs are compact, very lightweight and easy to travel with. Most of these power chairs weigh less than 100 lbs. In addition, travel power wheelchairs break down so they can easily fit into the trunk of your car. The front small wheels are designed to enhance maneuverability indoors, in small apartments, narrow doorways and tight quarters.

    Prices Start at: $1,199.00

  • Folding Electric Wheelchairs are very convenient for traveling. You can fold them for storing or transportation while traveling in a car, train, cruise or airplane. They weigh more than the travel power chairs. They are more suitable and comfortable, if you use it for an entire day.

    Prices Start at: $1,399.00

  • Standard Power chairs come in different designs: rear, center or front wheel drive. Some models have suspension for comfortable outdoor use, while others are specially designed for indoor maneuverability. They provide a comfortable ride, a sharp turning radius and great battery travel range. Standard power chairs offer a wide range of options for suspension, driving, seating and accessories. These chairs don't fold or come apart easily for travel. Usually they are transported using a variety of manual or electric lifts and ramps.

    Prices Start at: $1,475.00

  • Taking on outdoor adventures or hard to navigate areas can be difficult for people confined to transportation devices, but with a heavy duty power wheelchair, you will be able to overcome obstacles you never thought possible. From home and shopping to office spaces, there is nothing too big or small for these devices.

    Prices Start at: $1,899.00


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Portable power wheelchairs give you the freedom and independence of a standard model, but they are much lighter, making them suitable for traveling. If you’re a frequent traveler and can’t take a standard model with you, a portable style would be a wise investment. In addition to being small and compact, many of these models break down into smaller pieces, meaning they can easily fit into the trunk of a car.

Similarly, a folding power wheelchair is ideal for frequent travelers. These are heavier than portable models, but they are also more comfortable for all-day use. Folding models are a space-saving option that will fit comfortably in a car or on an airplane. They combine convenience and comfort in one economical package.

Standard models offer more features and more comfort than those designed for traveling, as they are intended for long-term use. Some can even be used outdoors, giving you the utmost independence. Many also include mid-wheel drive, which gives them a lower turn radius for maneuvering in tight spaces. Most of these products include many special features and adjustable components for increased comfort and utility.

Finally, heavy-duty models are great for outdoor use, even by our bigger and taller customers. These chairs have higher weight capacities, and many include suspensions to ensure a smooth ride on any terrain. Some even include seatbelts for added safety, indoors and out. Higher-performance motors and larger frames keep these models running smoothly under the toughest of conditions. We also carry a heavy-duty folding model for travelers.

Our selection can accommodate many different customers’ needs, whether they need a small, portable mobility aid, or a heavy-duty model. Every mobility aid we offer is durable, economical, and comfortable, so you can maintain your active lifestyle with ease and style.

Scooter Direct buys directly from manufacturers such as Pride Mobility, Drive Medical and Golden Technologies. Our processes and technology enables us to pass along significant savings to you. Now powerchairs and electric wheelchairs are more affordable for individuals that need to purchase a chair outside of Insurance.  To expedite shipping, we have stock located in different areas of the country.  ScooterDirect carries a large selection of products but we only carry the highest quality models from the top manufacturers.

We provide our customers service before, during and after the sale.  Our staff understands that you are buying a product to improve your life so we will take the time to explain the features, accessories, warranty and the setup and delivery procedures. We have helped thousands of people improve their life with the purchase of the best mobility scooter to meet their individual needs.

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