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Harmar AL100HD Heavy Duty Universal Scooter Lift

Manufacturer: Harmar
Model: AL100HD
MSRP $3,270.00 MSRP $3,270.00 What's this? $2,710.00
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The unique hold-down arm automatically secures virtually any scooter without any necessary scooter modifications. This fully automatic lift offers simple, nearly effortless operation and a hefty 350-pound lifting capacity.

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The AL100HD Heavy Duty Universal Scooter Lift is the most popular outside scooter lift today. The unique hold down arm will secure virtually any scooter available and is compatible with Class II or III hitches. This fully automatic lift offers simple, nearly effortless operation and a hefty 400 pound lifting capacity.


  • Integrated License Plate Holder
  • No Scooter Modifications required
  • Integrated Drop Bracked for Truck and SUV applications
  • Automatic Hold Down Arm
  • One Switch Operation
  • 400lb. Lift Capacity
  • Manual Crank Backup
  • Automatic Hold Down Arm

Optional Accessories

The AL105 Swing Away Option available for the AL100 and AL500 allows an outside lift to be pivoted away from a vehicle to gain clear access to the trunk, lift gate or tailgate. A secure, easy-to-use latch assembly makes the Swing Away Option easy to use.

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Details and Specifications for the Harmar AL100HD Heavy Duty Universal Scooter Lift

Lifting Capacity

400 lbs.

Aluminum Deck Size

26" x 39", adjustable cradle extends up to 47"

Max. scooter wheelbase*


Installed weight

84 lbs.

Hitch Height (range)

5" - 18"

Hitch Class




General Lift Questions

Q: Can I plug the lift into the existing wiring on my vehicle?
A: No, all Harmar Mobility lifts must be powered by the supplied electrical harness. The harness has full-length leads that attach directly to the battery.

Q: Do I have to find a grounding area at the back of the vehicle?
A: No, our electrical harness has both negative and positive leads that go directly to the vehicle′s battery.

Q: Do I have to cut, crimp and build the electrical harness as with other manufacturers′ products?
A: No, all Harmar Mobility lifts come with an electrical harness that is fully assembled and ready to use which conforms to ANSI and SAE standards.

Q: What maintenance must be performed to keep the lift operating properly?
A: All Harmar Mobility products are designed and tested to operate flawlessly for years of trouble-free use with very little maintenance. Please refer to the Owners′ Manual for your particular product′s maintenance schedule.

Q: What can I do if my car looses power?
A: Many Harmar lifts have standard backup systems that allow them to be moved manually by Harmar Mobility Authorized Dealers and qualified mechanics such as roadside assistance technicians. Harmar Mobility recommends that end users should not attempt to use the manual override feature.

Q: Why doesn′t Harmar supply a wrench for the manual override?
A: Harmar recommends that end users should not attempt to use the manual override feature. Improper use of any manual override feature can cause injury. The manual override only should be used by Harmar Mobility Authorized Dealers and qualified mechanics such as roadside assistance technicians. To ensure safety, any electrical device should be unplugged before a manual backup is engaged.

Q: Why does the lift run intermittently or seem underpowered?
A: Check all electrical connections, starting with the battery terminals, to make sure they are clean and free of corrosion.

Q: Are the motors/actuators water proof?
A: All Harmar lifts, except the AL600 Series, are completely weatherproof and designed to withstand outdoor use.

Q: How do I know which lift to use in a specific vehicle?
A: Harmar Mobility′s knowledgeable sales associates will be glad to discuss your needs and recommend the proper lift for your application. Just give us a call or send an e-mail.

Q: What′s the capacity of Harmar lifts?
A: Harmar Mobility offers a lineup of the most powerful vehicle lifts in the industry. Most lifts have a 350-pound capacity, while a few lightweight models have a 200-pound capacity. Just click on a lift on this site and check the specification table for its capacity and other data.

Q: Can I carry both a power chair and a scooter?
A: We pride ourselves on having the most universal products in the lift industry. Because of this, nearly every Harmar lift will transport a power chair or scooter with little or no modification. Call our knowledgeable sales staff to find out how to carry a scooter or power chair on the same outside lift!

Outside Lifts

Q: Why do outside lifts have a second electrical plug?
A: One plug on an outside lift is the power cord and the other is a trailer plug used to power the lift′s license plate light. Harmar is the only manufacturer that offers this easy solution for remounting the license plate to a visible area.

Q: Why isn′t the light working on my license plate?
A: The license plate light is powered by the 4-prong trailer plug on the end of the lift power cord. The vehicle must be wired with a trailer plug and the lift must be plugged in to illuminate the license plate light when the vehicle lights are on.

Q: Why is the power cord so long?
A: The length of the cord accommodates the Swing Away Option. When the Swing Away Option isn′t used, simply coil the excess wire and strap it to a sturdy area such as the hitch. We do not recommend cutting the cord to shorten it. Make sure all electrical components are above the lowest point on the vehicle.

Q: My vehicle is tall. Will the lift reach the ground?
A: All Harmar outside lifts adjust to a maximum trailer hitch height of 19 inches. Additional reach is available through our extensive sel_ection of accessories. Please refer to the Owners′ Manual to properly adjust the lifting height for your vehicle.

Q: How do I adjust the Hold Down Foot on the AL100 Scooter Lift?
A: Follow these steps:
1. Screw the Hold Down Foot all the way in, load the scooter on the platform and raise the lift using the toggle switch.
2. With the lift fully raised, unscrew the Hold Down foot until it contacts the floor of the scooter.
3. Lower the lift and unscrew the Hold Down Foot another ½ inch.
4. Raise the lift and check to make sure the Hold Down foot is putting the proper pressure on the scooter floor. The scooter should be compressed so it can′t move on the platform. Variables such as tire inflation and suspension systems will affect clamping force. Avoid deforming the scooter′s frame by over extending the Hold Down Foot.
5. Tighten the jam nut once adjustment is complete.

Q: How does the AL500 Power Chair Lift attach to my chair?
A: Using automatic retractors designed for public transportation, the AL500 can secure virtually any power chair. The retractors can be attached to your chair by two methods. One method uses a spreader bar that slides between the seat and seat post, which has provisions for the retractors. If there is no seat post, the other method uses metal loops that attach to the frame of the chair. Both methods add only a few ounces of weight to the chair and have been extensively tested to insure complete security. They can be removed without damaging a chair.

Q: How much weight can a vehicle handle?
A: Trailer hitches are rated by capacity. Check the hitch capacity and make sure the COMBINED weight of the lift AND chair are under this rated capacity.

Q: Does the vehicle′s suspension need to be strengthened?
A: If the vehicle has or will accept a Class III (3) trailer hitch, you won′t need to supplement the stock suspension if it′s in proper working order. If the vehicle has or will only accept a Class II (2) trailer hitch, call the experts at Harmar or a hitch manufacturer for guidance. Always check the hitch capacity and make sure the COMBINED weight of the lift AND chair are under this rated capacity.

Q: How far behind my car will the lift extend?
A: Unloaded and in the folded position, Harmar′s Outside lifts only extend 12 inches behind the bumper. Add just 2 inches more for the Swing Away Option.

Q: What is a Pinch Bolt and what does it do?
A: The Pinch Bolt is designed to remove all "play" in trailer hitches. It assures a sturdy lift installation and eliminates the rocking and swaying common in many industry products. Please read the Owners′ Manual for installation instructions.

Q: What causes the ratcheting sound when the lift reaches the top or bottom?
A: All Harmar Outside lifts are equipped with a heavy-duty, commercial actuator that lifts the platform. At the end of a stroke, all the way UP or DOWN, the motor makes a ratcheting sound while the UP/DOWN switch is depressed. The noise comes from a clutch inside the motor that protects both the lift and your vehicle from overload. It is perfectly normal.

Swing Away Option

Q: Can a Swing Away be added to an existing Harmar Outside lift?
A: Yes, a Swing Away may be added at any time, but a dealer may charge for additional labor to remove and reinstall the lift if not installed at the same time as the lift.

Q: How does the lift bolt to the Swing Away?
A: The Hitch Post (2" x 2" tube) that is bolted to the lift is removed and the Swing Away is bolted to that location. The Hitch Post should be supplied to the customer for possible future installs.

Q: Can I open the Swing Away with the chair or scooter on the lift?
A: NO. The Swing Away may only be opened when the lift is unloaded and in the stowed, or folded, position.

Inside Lifts

Q: How much headroom is required for a Harmar Inside Lift?
A: Harmar lifts require the least headroom of any manufacturer. The AL200 and AL400 only require 30 inches of headroom. The AL055 Economy Lift requires 37 inches but can be easily modified to go much lower.

Q: When is an Offset Arm Conversion necessary?
A: The Offset Arm allows an AL200 or AL400 to lift a scooter or power chair from the side of the vehicle. This is especially helpful, and usually necessary, for vehicle applications that involve a tailgate.

Q: When is a docking device required?
A: A docking device is required in all Inside Lift applications and should be specified when ordering a lift. Our most popular Docking Device is available for free with any Inside Lift purchase, although we have Docking Devices to accommodate virtually every combination available. For answers to specific questions, please call the knowledgeable staff at Harmar Mobility.

Q: Why should I Dry Fit a lift before installation?
A: To insure adequate clearance of all obstructions, we strongly urge installers to first put the lift in its installed position and run it through its full range of motions. This is the Harmar version of the adage, "Measure twice and drill once."

Q: What are Power Chair Bridles?
A: The Power Chair Bridles provide a pickup point for the Spreader Bar Docking Device. They attach to the power chair′s frame, usually using existing holes and hardware, to offer a solid docking area for a Harmar lift.

Q: Can I convert an AL200 to an AL400?
A: This modification is possible, since both lifts use the same lifting arm, but it′s not cost-effective due to the number of parts and labor required.

Q: Why does the AL400 swing in when I press the OUT button?
A: With Harmar′s universal product design, the AL400 is engineered to operate on either side of the vehicle. Although it ships factory preset for the passenger side, simply swapping two quick-release connectors on the base motor will provide the proper rotation direction.

General Questions

Q: What are your shipping and delivery lead times?
A: All orders placed by 2 p.m. Eastern time will ship the same day. Using the most efficient and economical method, Harmar will have a product to you in one to four days on average, even across the country.

Q: When does the warranty take effect?
A: The manufacturer′s warranty goes into effect when the unit is purchased from an Authorized Harmar Dealer.

Q: Do you warranty replacement parts?
A: All purchased products carry our full manufacturer′s warranty.

Manual and Videos for the Harmar AL100HD Heavy Duty Universal Scooter Lift

Brochure: Brochure Link

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Warranty for the Harmar AL100HD Heavy Duty Universal Scooter Lift

3 Years Manufacturer′s Warranty
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Harmar AL100HD Heavy Duty Universal Scooter Lift
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