Mobility Scooters

Our inventory consists of multifarious mobility scooters for your needs. If you need assistance in selecting a mobility scooter, call our Scooter Direct.
  1. 3 Wheel Travel Scooters

    Prices Start at $699.99

    3-wheel mobility scooters are a great option for indoor use. These durable and safe devices represent some of the best choices on the market for people who want to avoid the hassles of heavier models. If you are looking for a mobility solution for inside your home, with carefully selected features that fit your needs, look no further than this line of affordable, well-crafted transport devices.

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  2. 4 Wheel Travel Scooters

    Prices Start at $749.99

    For years, users thought that limited transportation options would prevent them from exploring the world, but with our outstanding range of four-wheel travel scooters, that is no longer the case. There is much to love about these compact, comfortable power scooters, and the appeal extends far beyond their standard features.

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  3. Foldable Mobility Scooters

    Prices Start at $1,099.00

    A foldable mobility scooter is a great option for first time owners or long time users looking for a second transportation device. Their folding travel scooter design ensures a safe and easy way to bring portability to your travel experience - from quick folding construction to large weight clearance, there is something for everyone in these sturdy yet convenient models.

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  4. 3 Wheel Mobility Scooters

    Prices Start at $1,549.00

    Everyone needs the best device to navigate their home or office, and with a 3 wheel mobility scooter, you will find the perfect option for indoor settings as well as light outdoor use. With so many features available to consumers, it is easy to see why these 3-wheel mobility scooters have become top sellers year after year.

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  5. 4 Wheel Mobility Scooters

    Prices Start at $1,540.00

    4 wheel mobility scooters can take its user to places they never imagined possible. Its sturdy and stable form, as well as a wide range of carefully selected features, make these vehicles the perfect choice for any terrain.

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  6. Heavy Duty Mobility Scooters

    Prices Start at $2,999.00

    From brands such as Drive Medical, Golden Technologies, Pride Mobility, and EV Rider, our selection of heavy duty mobility scooters will help you maintain your active lifestyle. Designed to carry up to 500lbs; these products live up to their name, doing heavy duty work. The heavy duty mobility scooters include a higher ground clearance and typically offer pneumatic tires and suspension.

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  7. Performance Mobility Scooters

    Prices Start at $2,639.00

    Traveling from place to place can be a hassle, especially for people that want to live a normal or active lifestyle from the comfort of a transportation device – but with a fast mobility scooter, you will reach your destination in no time, without fear of being left behind.

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  8. Discounted Scooters

    Prices Start at $1,395.00

    Floor model, demo scooters or open box returned scooters will help you save some money. It costs a lot less than a brand new model. Review the warranty and accessories offered with each discounted mobility scooter.

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How to Choose a Mobility Scooter

Review the information below to help you decide on the important features to select the right mobility scooter for yourself or someone you love.  However, don't hesitate to call and speak with a Scooter Direct sales representative to discusse the mobility scooters for sale at Scooter Direct.


Environmental Considerations

Make sure the scooter you select will work for you in the environment it will be used. Think through your day, where will your scooter be stored, can it be charged there? Do you need to take your scooter into the bathroom, how about the kitchen, etc.?  Are you going to take your scooter outside, how will you get it outside?  Do you need to take the scooter with you, how will you transport it?  These are some of the considerations you need to consider before buying one of our new mobility scooters for sale.  Below are more details about specific conditions and attributes of the scooter you need to consider.


Scooters used indoors must be able to fit through the doorways, must be able to turn from hallways into rooms and must be able to drive in and out of rooms you need to access.  If the location is a commercial building this is fairly easy as most commercial locations must adhere to ADA standards.  That is not the case if the indoor location is residential. So particular thought and planning needs to be considered.  Remember to think beyond the length and width of the scooter and take the turning radius into account.  The scooter has to be able to make a tight enough turn to get around an island in the kitchen or furniture.


This will be obvious but for mobility scooters used indoors and outdoors you need to verify the mobility scooter will meet the requirements of both environments.  However, generally, any scooter than can be used indoors can be used on paved surfaces outdoors.  If you are planning to use on any surfaces other than pavement then be sure to take those conditions into consideration. It may be that the mobility scooter will not work perfectly in both areas and you will have to make a decision which environment and features are most important to you.


For outdoor mobility scooter use, decide if you may still need to take the scooter into stores.  Decide if your scooter needs a suspension system either because the terrain is rough or if you have medical issues such as a bad back.  Do you require a lighting package or will you be using the scooter where it is already well lit such as a ball park? Make sure to select a scooter that will last as long as you will need.  For example a Pride GoGo scooter with an 18AH battery pack can last all day at a theme park.  But if you are travelling with a heavier scooter through rougher terrain then you will need batteries that provide a longer travel distance per charge.


Are you going to travel with your mobility scooter? Are you flying, cruising, driving or will the scooter only be used around the house?  Depending on where you are going, you need to think about how you’re going to get there?  Many of the mobility scooters can be disassembled but you must be able to lift the heaviest component weight which can be less than 30 lbs or as much as 80 lbs.  If you cannot lift the weight required then you may need a scooter lift

Other Mobility Scooter Attributes to Consider

Choosing from a wide variety of models and style of mobility scooters for sale can be overwhelming, but by thinking carefully and considering some important factors, you can confidently choose the scooter that will be best for you and your lifestyle.

Weight Capacity

A mobility scooters weight capacity is an important specification for you to consider. You must make sure any scooter you use must be able to handle your weight, plus anything extra you might be carrying, is important for safety. We recommend you select a model with a weight capacity of at least 25 pounds more than your weight. This will serve as a safety reserve for moderating weight and give you the ability to have a grandchild or pet sit with you, in addition to other items you carry. Weight Capacity is one of the most important selection criteria, don’t underestimate its importance.

Range Per Charge

How far you can travel on your mobility scooter per charge may be particularly important to you if you intend to use it for extended periods or cover long distances. Consider your daily travel requirements and choose a scooter with a range that will go beyond that distance to make sure it will not leave you pushing the scooter.  Keep in mind that you don’t want to completely drain your batteries.  It is best to recharge when they have some juice left. Also, battery distance listed by the manufacturer is a estimate and not an exact measurement.  Other factors like the terrain, speed at which you travel and even weather can impact battery life.

Battery Type and Charging Time

Most mobility scooters use the Sealed Lead Acid(SLA) batteries but the popularity of Lithium batteries is growing.  SLA batteries are airline approved and the TSA allows them to be carried underneath the hold in the luggage storage area.  Lithium batteries can only be carried on the plane so you must remove them from the scooter and carry the battery with onto the plane.  SLA batteries are less expensive but Lithium(Li) batteries have several advantages such as being much lighter and having a longer lifespan. Understanding your needs will help you select the type and size of battery which is most convenient and suitable for your needs.


When shopping for mobility scooters for sale, please take your time to make sure you consider the important features above and feel free to call to discuss the options with a Scooter Direct sales represntatives.