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12V 35AH U1 Battery

Manufacturer: Battery Outlet
Model: XLU1
MSRP $185.00 MSRP $185.00 What's this? $127.50

Most Common Battery U1 SLA

Model: XLU1
Voltage: 12V
Capacity: 35 Ah
Length: 7.72 in.
Width: 5.14 in.
Height: 6.22 in.
Weight: 23.4 lbs.
Terminals: NB3/T6

Weight 23.4 lbs
Dimensions 7.72 x 5.14 x 6.22 in

Details and Specifications for the 12V 35AH U1 Battery

Below is a list of some of scooters & power wheel chairs that accept this type of U1 12V 33Ah or 12V 35AH batteries, Check this list if you are not sure which battery you  need for your mobility equipment.:

Manufacturer Chair Model Battery Type
Pride Victory, Sundancer, Rally, Legend, Celebrity X, Sidekick II, Shuttle, Dynamo, Revo
U1 2
Celebrity XL, Legend XL U1 2
Victory 9, Victory 10 U1 2
Golden Technology Companion I model 221, 240, Companion 2 model 321, 340, Eagle & Alante U1 2
 Activecare Medical Pilot, Catalina, Medalist, Renegade  U1 2 
Hoveround Activa DM, LX, Affinity, MPV 2/3/4, HVR 100 U1 2
AM Scooters All Models & AM Models U1 2
Drive Medical Odyssey, Daytona, Sunfire, Denali, Ventura
U1 2
Amigo Mobility FD (Front Drive), Sport (Updated) U1 1
Braun T1100 / T1200F (series 4 & after) U1 2
Bruno Regal, Cub Real Wheel Drive Models U1 2
Chauffeur Mobility Chauffeur Scooters U1 2
Chauffeur Scooters- C-Series U1 or 22NF 2
Viva MWD Powerchair U1 or 22NF 2
Damaco Ovation, Electro-Lite, Elite 12260 or U1 2
D90, D99 12260 or U1 or 17-12 2
Electric Mobility Rascal Scooters, Cycle Chair, Butler U1 2
Rascal MWD Powerchair 22NF or U1 2
Cycle Chair, Butler (some require 1 only) U1 2
Everest & Jennings 3N, Tempest, Metro Power, Quest, Kid Power U1 2
Carrette, Mobie, Navigator, Sprint II U1 2
14" Belt Drive Chairs, Hot Wheels U1 2
Global Research Starlite 1 & 2 U1 1
Starlite 3 U1 2
Invacare Jaguar, Rabbit, Power 9000 (14" wide or less), Booster U1 2
TriRolls, Flyer, Cat, Cat Basic, P7E, Tri Scoot I & II U1 2
Leisure Lift/ Pace Saver/ Burke Mobility Viva, Scout U1 1 or 2
All other models U1 2
Mobility Manufacturing Bobcat U1 2
Motovator Motovator U1 or 22NF 1
Optiway Technology 1700FS, 1704FS, 1700SP U1 2
(Fortress Scooters) 2000FS, 1000FS, Commuter U1 2
(Fortress Wheelchairs) 755FS, 1000FS, Commuter U1 2
Ortho-Kinetics Sierra, Colt, Encore, Triumph, MVP, Explorer, Lark 3 &4 U1 2
Lark XT, Bravo, Bravo Plus, Pony U1 1 or 2
Pillar Technology Express, Express LX, Blazer Plus U1 2
Special Edition, 4 Wheeler 409/410, Powerchair U1 2
Quickie P100, P 110, P190, P500, P120 22NF or U1 2
Ranger All Seasons 1x3, 2x3 U1 4
Solo, Safari U1 2
Shoprider Streamer, 888W, Sovereign, 888-3, 888-4 U1 2
Sprinter, 889-3, 889-4 U1 or 40-12 2
Suntech Sterling, Scoota, Regent 3 & 4 (new series) U1 or 22NF 2
Scoota Bug, Indigo 3 & 4 U1 2
Tuffcare Escort, Limo, Challenger U1 2



All Sealed Lead Acid Battries are considred non-hazardous for purposes of transportation by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT). International Civil Aviation Administration (ICAA), the International Air Transportation Association (IATA) and the International Maritime Dangerous Goods regulations (IMDG). They areconsidered non-hazardous by passing the Vibration Test and Pressure Differential Test as required by the DOT in 49 CFR 173.159 (d). Since the battery exceed the requirements of Special Provisions "A48" and "A67", both ICAA and IATA consider them non-hazardous as defined by both organizations 1997 Handbooks.

Our batteries are authorized  for transportation on deck or under deck storage either a passenger or cargo vessel by passing th eVibration and Attitude performance tests described in 1992 Edition of the International Maririme Dangerous Good Code.


Manual and Videos for the 12V 35AH U1 Battery

Warranty for the 12V 35AH U1 Battery

Six Month Full Replacement Warranty

An Additional Six Month Warranty for 50% of the Value 

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