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Hippocampe All Terrain Wheelchair

Manufacturer: Hippocampe

Model: Hippocampe

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Popular Features

The Best All-Terrain Wheelchair on the market is the Hippocampe. Access to the Beach and all other outdoor activities can be yours again. Can be used on your own or operated by a caregiver. This beach wheelchair for sale rolls over sandy beaches with ease and into the water. No metal parts to rust.

The Hippocampe All Terrain Wheelchair is available in 4 sizes:

Small - people with less than 4' 7" height

Medium -for teenagers and adults up to 5′ 9"

Large -for adults between 5′ 9" and 6' 3"

Xtra Large -for adults over 6' 3"

Hippocampe All Terrain WheelchairHippocampe All Terrain Wheelchair
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Overview of the Hippocampe All Terrain Wheelchair

Hippocampe - Made in France

Hippocampe all-terrain wheelchair is considered to be the best in the market due to its updated features and designs. It allows you to enjoy the beach and take part in all other outdoor activities. The chair can be easily operated by the user. This chair runs easily over sandy beaches and into the water. All its parts are sand and water resistant and its aluminum tubes are sleeved to stop them from rusting or getting too hot.

Available in Different Sizes: S - M - L & XL

Visiting a beach and enjoying the water is now easy and possible with the innovative Hippocampe all-terrain wheelchair. Participate in outdoor activities again without any worries. With Hippocampe you can enjoy the lakes, ocean, mountains and many other outdoor activities. It can be operated by the user itself or by a caregiver. The Hippocampe wheelchairs run easily on sandy beaches and the user can also enter the water on their own without any help. 

It can be used by anyone, including those with limited mobility. The user can operate the wheelchair on its own and a push bar is available for the caregiver.

The new look and attractive design makes the Hippocampe wheelchair perfect for thrills of water sports and other fun activities. It has won several awards for its usability and design.


The low seat of the Hippocampe makes it simple to transfer between the ground and the chair. At only 31 lbs it is light and floats in the water.  All its parts are sand and water resistant and its aluminum tubes are sleeved to stop them from rusting or getting too hot.

The double width wheels are designed to make movement on even the finest sand easier.  There′s no longer any need for massive arm muscles to move around the beach with freedom!

Revolutionary design - Its innovative and functional design allows it to be accessible for holidays and water-based recreation activities.



On your own or with a friend

Cross-country and afloatIt has a designer look that completely fits into the beach and holiday mood.


Its new style and its sporting silhouette make it the designer look that completely fits to the beach and holiday.


Practical and lightweight

It has a small size, comes with a fold-down seat back, removable push bar and detachable wheels. It can be easily moved, takes very little space and weighs only 31 lbs.


Frame: Anodized and sheathed aluminium
Seat: Water-repellent closed cell foam
Wheels: 1 low pressure wheel and 2 double all terrain wheels
Wheel axles: 316L stainless steel

The low seat of the Hippocampe makes it easily accessible. It is designed to be used in or out of the water - including the sea. Beaches and sand are no longer an issue: The double width wheels on the wheelchair makes travelling on sand easy. Their aluminium tube frame protects it from getting all heated up from the sunlight.

This wheelchair is sturdy and extremely stable. This sports vehicle can be converted into a stylish carrying case in no time. Robust and extremely stable, this smart sports vehicle packs down into a stylish carrying case in moments. It has a corrosion resistant frame and is maintenance-free - just rinse with fresh water after each use.

The Hippocampe Wheelchair is designed by disabled people for disabled people. Anyone can enjoy outdoor activities to their fullest with Hippocampe wheelchair.


Just wanted to let you know we received our son's beach wheelchair Wednesday. My husband assembled it and it is absolutely perfect for our son! It is such a great fit, it looks like it was custom made for him! He can't wait to go to the beach! My husband likes to sit on the floor when he watches TV, and last night, our son was in his beach chair, almost as low as his dad, watching TV right next to him! Thanks for the great service! - The Ostlings




Can the wheelchair Hippocampe roll over stones or the land?

The Hippocampe wheelchair is accessible on all types of surface, its dual tires help to ride over any obstacle. You can take the wheelchair to the forest, beaches or enjoy in the water while playing sports like kayaking, sailing and diving. This wheelchair is specifically designed for outdoor activities.

The Hippocampe wheelchair goes to the forest or on the sea-sisde trails, or have fun in the water with sports such as kayaking, sailing, diving. This wheelchair is made for outdoor activities.

There are some accessories :

  • Transport Bag:

Carry case: A transport bag is provided with the wheelchair for storing and when dismantled. It can be used when you travel by air. It weighs around 38 lb.

Hippocampe Armrests

  •  Armrest:

The armrest allows user to place their arms comfortably and can also be used as mudguards. They can be folded to avoid any interference during transfers. Hippocampe Armrests

  •  Headrest

The headrest is covered in water-repellent foam and can be adjusted as needed for the user into several positions to adapt to the user′s head.Hippocampe Headrest

  • Harness

Comfortable, water resistant elastic Lycra covered neoprene harness.

Hippocampe Harness

  •  Brakes :

                  Used to lock the wheels during transfers.

Hippocampe Parking Brake

  • Adjustable Back :
Regular back height is 14.6'' but with the adjustable back can beraised to the highest point the back height of 18.5''.  If you use a higher back support for your regular wheelchair then the Adjustable Back is highly recommend for the Hippocampe.
Hippocampe Adjustable Back

  • Armrest and Footrest Nets:
Ensure your arms do not fall down into the wheels or that your feet fall down to the ground.  This is both a safety feature and keeps you from losing items.
Hippocampe armrests nets and footrest net
  •  Front Ski Kit


 Are there many sizes available?

The wheelchair Hippocampe is available in 4 sizes :

  • Small - for children or those less than 4' 7"

  • Medium -for teenagers and adults up to 5′ 9". This can be used by most of the people.

  • Large -for adults between 5′ 9" and 6' 3"

  • Xtra Large - for adults over 6' 3" 


Can you use the wheelchair Hippocampe on your own?

If you can propel yourself, you can use the wheelchair on your own otherwise you can be pushed thanks to the push bar and tow rope.

Does the wheelchair Hippocampe float in the water, is it a boat?

The Hippocampe wheelchair floats in the water but it is not a boat or safety flotation device. It is a wheelchair to enter the water and once you’ve got water at your waist you can get out of the Hippocampe to swim while the Hippocampe floats on its own.



How many pounds can the Hippocampe wheelchair support?

The Hippocampe wheelchair can be used by people weighing up to 242 lbs (110kgs),

 Who is the Hippocampe wheelchair for?

The Hippocampe wheelchair was created for the convenience of children and adults.


Is the width of the seat adjustable?

No, the width of the seat is not adjustable. The seat is 15.75" wide and between rear tires there is 19.68" wide space so anyone can be seated comfortably..




Details and Specifications for the Hippocampe All Terrain Wheelchair

The wheelchair Hippocampe is available in 4 sizes :

  • Small - for children or those less than 4' 7"

  • Medium -for teenagers and adults up to 5′ 9". This size fits most people.

  • Large -for adults between 5′ 9" and 6' 3"

  • Xtra Large - for adults over 6' 3"

  • Seat Width - 15.75"
  • Seat Depth - 14.57"
  • Seat to Ground - 13.4"
  • Total Width (wheels included) - 25.2"
  • Back Height - 14.57"
  • Height range for Adjustable back - 14.57" - 18.5"
  • Weight - 37.5 lbs
  • Weight Capacity - 286.6
  • Axle to Axle Length
    • Small - 34.3"
    • Medium - 38.2"
    • Large - 42.2"
    • Extra Large - 48.1"

Manuals and Videos for the Hippocampe All Terrain Wheelchair

Brochure   Brochure Link
Video   Video Link

Warranty for the Hippocampe All Terrain Wheelchair

The Hippocampe - USA comes with:

One Year Limited Manufacturers Warranty on Parts from the date of purchase.

That covers the replacement of defective parts.

The warranty doesn′t cover improper use of the chair and neither the wear and tear due to use.

Customer Reviews

Love this chair
Review by Wingit
Best outside terrain chair I have every owned! Love that it sits low to the ground. (Posted on 6/14/2019)
Review by Alice
I discovered your Hippocampe Wheelchair online and found great reviews from those who used it. I ordered it and agree, it is outstanding! Perfect for traveling and works on all terrains. (Posted on 12/12/2018)
My daughter loves this chair
Review by Sally
This chair is allowing her to enjoy the beach again. It is low to the ground, goes into the water and she loves it. Can't say enough how much it helps. Thank you. (Posted on 7/26/2017)
Beach has never been better
Review by Cindy
Our son has been disabled since birth and as he has gotten older, it has been more and more difficult getting him to the beach. Other chairs were too bulky to fit into our car and regular chairs do not work at the beach. The Hippocampe easily comes apart and will fit anywhere and work great on any sand, goes into the water and is low to the ground so he feels less conspicuous. (Posted on 9/7/2016)
Noghting compares
Review by Sandy
We had used other chairs for the beach and there is nothing that compares to this one. Easy to transport and works extremely well and is very high quality. Wish the price was lower because we wouldn't have waited so long to get this one but it is well worth the price. (Posted on 8/3/2016)
Perfect for the Beach
Review by J Washington
It was amazing how easy it was to use this chair on the beach plus being low to the ground doesn't make you feel like you're riding a clown car. It felt good to get out and I'm glad we purchased it for our vacation! (Posted on 3/6/2014)
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