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Wheelchair Lifts

Wheelchair Lifts

Scooter Direct has Vehicle wheelchair lifts to carry a manual or electric wheelchair or mobility scooter with you when you travel. Matching a lift to your vehicle and mobility device is not complex but choosing the best model for your needs is best done by someone with experience. Give one our experts a call for assistance. Our prices are unrivaled, and we offer free nationwide delivery. If you have any questions at all, please contact one of our lift experts.

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  1. TriLift Mobility Carrier

    Model: T4011 / T1010 / T1030
    • Lift System For Scooters Or Powerchairs
    • Half the weight of other carriers
    • No Swing Away needed
    • Locks automatically
    MSRP $1,951.65 MSRP $1,951.65 $1,756.49
    Call: (800) 987-6791
    Lift Capacity Weight Platform Size Battery Pack Option Installation Level
    500 lbs 60 No Platform No Easy
    Lift Capacity 500 lbs
    Weight 60
    Platform Size No Platform
    Battery Pack Option No
    Installation Level Easy

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1. What is a wheelchair lift?
Wheelchair lifts allow you to carry your wheelchair on your vehicle so you can use it away from home.

2. What kind of wheelchairs do lifts support?
We have lifts for manual wheelchairs and powered electric wheelchairs.

3. How do Wheel Chair lifts attach to a vehicle?
There are lifts for the outside of the vehicle that attach into the hitch receiver as well as inside lifts that mount to the floor board of the Van or SUV.

4. Do any of lifts fold when not in use so it can fit in my garage?
All of the outside lifts we sell will fold when the wheelchair is not loaded.

5. How do I secure the wheelchair to the platform of the lift?
There are a variety of securement mechanisms for wheelchair lifts. The easiest to use is the hold down arm. You simply move the arm over the seat and the arm will press down on the seat as the platform is raised. There are also ratchet straps and locking platforms for specialized equipment.

6. What kind of connection does TriLift Mobility Carrier use?
This is a unique style lift that has a triangular docking device connected to the wheelchair that marries to a triangular connector on the lift. It is automatically secured when lifted. Extremely easy to use and great for those with very limited mobility.

7. Will all vehicles support a wheelchair lift?
No. Not all vehicles can carry the weight of a lift. The best way to choose a lift is to contact a Scooter Direct representative for assistance. You can also use the Lift Calculator yourself to determine which lifts your vehicle will support.

8. Are there any options to carry a wheelchair if my vehicle will not support the weight?
Yes, a scooter trailer will work when your vehicle will not support an outside or an inside lift such as smaller cars or crossover SUV’s.

9. Do I need to move my license plate when using an outside wheelchair lift?
Most states require the license plate to be visible, so it is best to relocate the license plate. Most lifts have a license plate mounting to allow it to be seen when the chair is loaded.

10. What is the limit on speed of vehicles that have the carriers attached to the vehicle?
There is no additional restriction on the speed of the vehicle when using a wheelchair lift. Drive safely!

11. How difficult is it to install a wheelchair lift?
Installation of lifts are simple for hitch mounted lifts and more complex for inside electric lifts.