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Transport Chairs

Transport Chairs
Sometimes it can be difficult to travel with a wheelchair. A transport chair provides the same amount of stability for a fraction of the weight. These products, sold by Scooter Direct for an economical price, are very practical for customers who travel quite a bit. The items are very sturdy, allowing for the necessary stability to keep the customer upright.

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  1. Poly-Fly Lightweight Wheelchair and Flyweight Transport Chair Combo

    Drive Medical
    Model: TR18
    • All-aluminum frame
    • Convert from Transport chair to a Wheelchair
    • Quick-release 24" wheels can be removed to transition self-propelled chair to a transport chair
    • Swing-away footrests with composite foot plates and heel loops.
    MSRP $782.60 MSRP $782.60 $329.00
    Call: (800) 987-6791
    Weight Capacity Seat Depth Heaviest Part
    250 lbs 16 inch 28 lbs
    Weight Capacity 250 lbs
    Seat Depth 16 inch
    Heaviest Part 28 lbs

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A transport chair can be folded up and some may be placed in a bag. This allows for the customer to pack it up like a suitcase. The bag also takes up less room than the actual product, so it can be folded up and placed in a closet when not being used.

Other models allow the backrest to be folded down for storage purposes. Some models of this product come equipped with a seat belt, which adds an element of safety for the customer. This product can be used both indoors and out and is made of aluminum or carbon steel, which is easy to clean. The seat of the transport chair is, on average, eighteen inches; the product also comes with aluminum wheel locks so that the customer can sit in it for a while without the fear of tipping over.

The padded arms are similar to desk arms, and they can be flipped up for added comfort. Others can be removed completely when stored away. This product weighs between nineteen and twenty-six pounds, depending on the model the customer purchases.

Most of these products also come with a carry pocket, which sits on the backrest of the product. This helps the customer store their essential items while out and about. The footrests on these models can swing away, providing the customer with a clear path in and out of the product.

Scooter Direct provides these products to their customers for an affordable price. These transport chairs allow customers to live a normal lifestyle without being burdened with normal wheelchairs. A limited warranty is available for any model the customer purchases. This easy to store product allows for frequent travelers to live the life they want, without limits.