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Standard Powerchairs

Standard Power chairs come in different designs: rear, center or front wheel drive. Some models have suspension for comfortable outdoor use, while others are specially designed for indoor maneuverability. They provide a comfortable ride, a sharp turning radius and great battery travel range. Standard power chairs offer a wide range of options for suspension, driving, seating and accessories. These chairs don't fold or come apart easily for travel. Usually they are transported using a variety of manual or electric lifts and ramps.

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  1. Merits P301 Gemini Powerchair

    Model: P301
    • Deluxe high-density foam captain seat angle-adjustable back
    • 14" aluminum cast drive wheels
    • Comfortable 22" wide captain swivel and fold seat
    • Aluminum footplate, flip-up height, angle adjustability
    • Unique suspension system
    • Optional Power Elevating Seat
    MSRP $8,700.00 MSRP $8,700.00 $3,207.00
    Call: (800) 987-6791
    Weight Capacity Top Speed Turning Radius Driving Range Heaviest Part
    450 lbs 5 mph 21" 16.8 Miles 88 lbs
    Weight Capacity 450 lbs
    Top Speed 5 mph
    Turning Radius 21"
    Driving Range 16.8 Miles
    Heaviest Part 88 lbs
  2. Merits P310 Regal Compact RWD Powerchair

    Model: P310
    • Deluxe captain seat angle-adjustable back
    • 10 inch drive wheels and alloy rims
    MSRP $7,796.00 MSRP $7,796.00 $2,796.00
    Call: (800) 987-6791
    Weight Capacity Top Speed Turning Radius Driving Range Heaviest Part
    300 lbs 5 mph 21" 18 Miles 88 lbs
    Weight Capacity 300 lbs
    Top Speed 5 mph
    Turning Radius 21"
    Driving Range 18 Miles
    Heaviest Part 88 lbs

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1. Is there an option to elevate seats with the controller on these powerchairs?
Some powerchairs have elevating seats to various heights depending on the model. The most popular model we have is the Pride Jazzy Air 2 with a 12” rise and optional seat width. The Air 2 can travel at any elevated height allowing the user to be eye level with persons they are walking with.

2. Do you have a powerchair that has a joystick on the left hand side?
Most of the Joysticks can be installed on either armrest. Some models require you to specify the armrest at the time of the order. If required to choose, the Customize Section of the product will have this option.

3. Where can I get accessories like Desk or tray for one of these chairs in the future?
Scooter Direct has many different options available online but after-market providers make accessories for power wheelchairs and can be purchased after the sale. Scooter Direct and many other suppliers carry accessories.

4. Do we get a low battery warning while using the chair?
The controller, also called the joystick, has a battery indicator which shows when the battery is losing power. To avoid damaging the batteries, you should recharge your powerchair before the battery is completely drained. It is best to charge your chair at the end of each day after use.

5. I need a wheelchair that can easily pass through a doorstep. Do you have any such options?
Most powerchairs will fit through doorways but you also need to make sure you will have room to turn around once in a room. Pay special attention to the width and turning radius when selecting a model.

6. Any powerchair models with armrest that flip up?
Almost all of our powerchairs have flip up and angle adjustable armrests. Check with one of our Product Specialist for specific needs.

7. Do you offer a powerchair that can easily come apart for transporting in a car?
Scooter Direct has both portable and folding power wheelchairs. Both of these type chairs can be easily transported. Be sure the weight of the heaviest part of the chair is something you can manage, what type of seat is available and weight capacity of the chair. These types of chairs typically go up to a weight capacity of 300 pounds.

8. Can powerchairs be manually pushed too?
Yes, powerchairs have a motor engage lever to put the chair in “neutral” so it can be pushed in an emergency for easier positioning such as pulling close to a table.