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Splash Semi Portable Aquatic Lift

Manufacturer: SR Smith
Model: 300-0000
MSRP $6,695.00 MSRP $6,695.00 What's this? $5,968.00
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The Splash Aquatic Pool Lift is a pool lift chair designed for individuals with disabilities in residential, commercial, recreational, and hospitality settings. Safe, secure, and effective, the Splash Aquatic Pool lift is easy enough to use for either the patient or the attendant.

The Splash Aquatic Pool Lift is ADA compliant

Splash! Semi Portable Aquatic Lift (ADA Compliant)

The Splash! Aquatic Lift is a semi-portable lifting system designed for swimming facilities seeking to provide user-friendly access to their swimming pools. The Splash!is battery powered and operated by a screw driven actuator. The design and durability of the system ensures consistent operation and minimizes service problems.

The Splash! lift is attached to the pool deck using a company provided square anchor socket, similar to those used for starting blocks or backstroke flag stanchions.

The Splash! is virtually maintenance free. The components are made from corrosion-resistant materials, including powder-coated aluminum (arms), and powder-coated stainless steel (base, mast, and seat frame). The unique seat of the lift was specifically designed to provide the user with the greatest possible safety, comfort and ease of transfer. The hand control is completely waterproof, and allows either the user or the attendant to control its operation with ease. The control box and battery are water resistant and should be protected from long exposure to the water. A small, waterproof cover is included with each lift to cover the control box when the system is in use. If the lift is used outdoors, an optional full cover is available for purchase and is recommended to use to protect the system. Pricing includes a footrest.

We request a Poolside Configuration Worksheet with each order so that the lift can be engineered to match the each customer’s specific pool specifications.

The Splash! lift is available in the following forms:

Splash! – Standard Splash! lift provides 400lb lifting capacity. Mounted to deck with company supplied square anchor socket.

Splash! Spa - Designed for use with spas up to 52” (132 cm) above the deck.

Splash Hi/Lo – The perfect lift for facilities that have an above ground spa and an in-ground pool. The dual position chair allows a single lift to be used in both locations.

Splash! Extended Reach – For use with pools with unusual gutter configurations requiring a longer reach to the water line.



 Splash! All Weather Cover
Protect your investment with a full, all-weather cover. Custom fitted for the Splash! Semi-Portable Aquatic Lift. The cover is made from rugged blue nylon cordura.

 Stability Vest
The Stability Vest was designed to facilitate the transfer of individuals with limited or no idependent upper body or trunk stability. The vest attaches the user to the chair, strapping them in for support.

 Square Deck Anchor
Company provided square deck anchor is included with each lift and is used for mounting all Splash! lifts. The cap covers the opening in the anchor when the lift is not in place.

 Detachable Armrests
Detachable powder coated stainless steel armrests are available for increased sense of security.

 Seat Pad
Waterproof seat pad designed to enhance comfort and minimize potential skin damage that could occur during transfer is available as an optional accessory.

 Spine Board Attachment
The Spine Board Attachment works with any standard spine board (not included). Simply remove the chair assembly by pulling the attachment pin and replace that assembly with the Spine Board Attachment. One person can easily extract an injured swimmer from a pool, keeping the injured person fully supine during the procedure.

 Splash! Caddie
The Splash! Caddie facilitates handling, transporting and storing a Splash! aquatic lift. Fabricated from rugged steel for strength and powder-coated for appearance, the Splash! Caddie helps to protect both your investment and your staff. The Caddie simplifies both insertion and removal of the connector shaft into the insert in the pool deck and becomes a convenient storage rack for the lift when not in use.

Details and Specifications for the Splash Semi Portable Aquatic Lift

* Lifting Capacity: 400 lbs.
* Lifting: Linak LA34 Mechanical Actuator
* Maximum Thrust: 1680 lbs.
* Voltage: 24 VDC
* Max. Amp: 9
* Max Speed: 0.59 inches/sec
* Rotation: ITT SWMK 403.033 24 VDC 13 RPM
* Gearing Ratio: 9:1
* Power: Linak Rechargeable Batter Pack BAJ1
* 24 VDC, IP65 Gel Lead Acid

Materials and Finish:
* Base: Powder Coated Stainless Steel
* Housing: Powder Coating Aluminum
* Mast: Powder Coated Stainless Steel

* Base Dimensions: 18" diameter
* Total Weight: 140 lbs.
* Overall Height: 72"
* Overall Length (footprint): (fully extended) 72” w/o footrest, 86” with footrest
35" stored position

Range of Motion:
* Lifting:
-Variable to suit needs of pool
-49 inches total travel for standard Splash!
-Seat depth 18-20" below waterline
* Rotational: 359 degrees total rotation

Manual and Videos for the Splash Semi Portable Aquatic Lift

Warranty for the Splash Semi Portable Aquatic Lift

All Aquatic Lifting Systems have a three (3) year warranty on the frame, excluding the powder coated finish, which may become scratched with normal use. All electronic and motor components, with the exception of batteries, have a full two (2) year warranty. Within the warranty period, S.R.Smith will repair or replace any item deemed to be found defective. Lift batteries come with a one-year, pro-rated warranty. During the first 90 days of ownership, batteries will be covered 100%. If a battery failure occurs between day 91 and day 365, batteries are covered at 50% of the original cost. Normal maintenance and care of the unit, including charge of the battery when not in use is recommended. Do not store the unit, battery or components near or around chemicals.

The warranty is non-transferable

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Splash Semi Portable Aquatic Lift
Splash Semi Portable Aquatic Lift

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