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Performance Mobility Scooters

Performance Mobility Scooters
Traveling from place to place can be a hassle, especially for people that want to live a normal or active lifestyle from the comfort of a transportation device – but with a fast mobility scooter, you will reach your destination in no time, without fear of being left behind.

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  1. EV Rider Vita Monster

    EV Rider
    Model: S12X
    • Free Weather Cover
    • Top speed of 11.5 mph
    • 900 watt motor and 200 Amp S-Drive controller two 12V 75Ah batteries
    • 13" x 4" pneumatic front street tires and 15" x 6.3" pneumatic rear turf tires
    • LED light package (low/high beam headlight, rear brake light, front & rear turn signals
    • Double A-arm front suspension and 3D suspension
    • LCD control panel display, rear view mirrors, adjustable tiller
    MSRP $6,995.00 MSRP $6,995.00 $5,495.00
    Call: (800) 987-6791
    Weight Capacity Top Speed Turning Radius Driving Range Heaviest Part
    350 lbs 11.5 mph 53" 28 Miles 220 lbs
    Weight Capacity 350 lbs
    Top Speed 11.5 mph
    Turning Radius 53"
    Driving Range 28 Miles
    Heaviest Part 220 lbs

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When looking for the right travel solution, look no further than the superior design and features of a performance mobility scooter. Speed is a stand out feature in these zippy little numbers. Made to provide top speeds can reach up to 15 mph, riders experience a smooth acceleration that brings them from 0 mph to their desired speed in no time.

Higher speeds are primarily for Outdoor enthusiasts who will notice what a difference a fast mobility scooter can make when it comes to keeping up with the grandkids, or fitting in all of your errands. Everything about these fast mobility scooters is made with consumer comfort in mind. From easy to adjust armrests to well-crafted chairs, a pleasant experience awaits any user.

The armrests on fast mobility scooters are designed to be quickly and safely adjusted. Most come with an in-home warranty that prevents the hassle of scheduling a service for the device. Chairs on a performance mobility scooter also provide a carefully molded design for maximum comfort. Orthopedic seats are available on certain models, and even offer their own reclines with some reaching up 22 inch widths. Front, as well as rear suspension, provides a steady, supportive ride that makes these devices great for traversing those out of the way paths.

With better suspension comes more confidence, and less risk of injury from constant vibration. Battery life is not a problem when it comes to these durable off road mobility scooter models. Depending on speed and distance traveled, each apparatus can reach up to 35 miles without a charge. That means more time having fun, and less time spent at home worrying about the next recharge. There are so many choices when it comes to buying a new transportation option.

The team at Scooter Direct has years of experience helping consumers find the right selections at prices will appreciate. Contact us today to find out how great it can be to have a dedicated team behind your purchase.