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Outdoor Mobility Scooter

If you are looking for the toughest machines around, check out our selection of outdoor mobility scooters. Designed for use on the toughest terrain, they will be able to power you through any situation, giving you the ultimate freedom to enjoy any activity. With a different design focus than smaller, lighter weight models, they offer a very different experience with different advantages. Whether you live in a rural area or simply wish to spend more time enjoying nature, this is an option that you will love.

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  1. Pride Go Go Sport 3 wheel with Free Accessories

    Pride Mobility
    Model: S73
    • FREE Shipping, Front & Rear Basket, Cup Holder, Cane Holder
    • Standard Headlight
    • Easy on the hands Delta Tiller
    • Longer than the SC53 by 3 inches
    • 325 lb weight capacity
    • 3" wide Front and Rear tires
    • 3" Ground Clearance
    • Extra Large Front Basket
    • Standard 18ah Battery Pack
    • FDA Class II Medical Device*
    MSRP $1,979.00 MSRP $1,979.00 $1,424.00
    Call: (800) 987-6791
    Weight Capacity Top Speed Turning Radius Driving Range Heaviest Part
    325 lbs 4.7 mph 36" 15.9 Miles 35 lbs
    Weight Capacity 325 lbs
    Top Speed 4.7 mph
    Turning Radius 36"
    Driving Range 15.9 Miles
    Heaviest Part 35 lbs

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1. I am looking for my first mobility scooter, should I buy a 3-wheeler or a 4-wheeler?
Generally, 4 wheel scooters are more stable and 3 wheel scooters have a better turning radius. You should think about how good your balance is and if you need to go inside. Your scooter must be able to travel where you need to go or it cannot make your life easier.

2. Can a mobility scooter drive long distances outdoors?
The travel range of each type of scooter is different so we identify this specification for each one. The range is a maximum distance and will vary depending on the rider weight, inclines, terrain, and other factors. Your battery gauge will show the battery life left as you travel.

3. Will a mobility scooter work on terrain other than pavement?
Yes. Most scooters will work on any firm ground such as grass and gravel roads. We have other models that work on rougher terrain. Generally, scooters with larger batteries, higher ground clearance, and wider tires are better for rougher terrains.

4. How do I transport an outdoor mobility scooter?
Many smaller and mid-size scooters can be easily disassembled for transport with heaviest parts ranging from 30 to 75 pounds. Larger scooters must be transported
without being disassembled using a ramp, mobility carrier or mobility trailer. Scooter Direct personnel can assist you with the best option for you.

5. Is it safe to use a mobility scooter on hills?
Yes. Generally, any hills that have a sidewalk will be suitable for a mobility scooter. Each scooter has a maximum incline rating between 8 and 10 degrees.
Note: Take special care when turning a 3-wheel scooter going downhill.

6. Can you use a mobility scooter on snow?
Yes. Riding on snow and water is not a problem if it is not deep enough to get into the electronics or the batteries.

7. What is the fastest mobility scooter?
14 mph is the fastest mobility scooter offered at Scooter Direct.

8. How do I choose between a mobility scooter and a power wheelchair?
You need to decide how you are going to use the chair. Is going to be used inside where turning radius is important or do you want higher speed and stability? Scooter Direct personnel can assist you with the best option for you.

9. What are the safety features of outdoor scooters?
All of our scooters have electronic brakes that automatically stop the scooter when you release the throttle and keep the scooter from rolling. Some models also have a hand-brake for faster or emergency stopping. Many models also have headlights, taillights, turn signals and reflective markings.

10. When do I need to change my scooter batteries?
When the travel distance starts to noticeably decline, it is time to order new batteries. Batteries will last between 1 and 5 years depending on how you use and charge the batteries. Be sure to charge your batteries according to the manufacturer specifications for the longest life.