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Mid-Sized Scooters

If you are looking to improve your mobility and quality of life, but are not sure which model is the best for you, check out our selection of mid sized scooters. These quality machines have a little bit of everything, being designed for the widest range of activities and capable of delivering a quality drive every day. They have many advantages, being a sort of jack of all trades, which makes them perfect for people who plan on taking their scooter through a variety of environments. We can help you find the perfect match for you, so you can get the freedom you need to enjoy life to the fullest!

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  1. Golden Companion 3-Wheel Full Size

    Golden Tech
    Model: GC340C
    • Excellent Indoor/Outdoor Maneuverability
    • Infinite Adjustable Tiller Design
    • More Foot and Legroom for Added Comfort
    • Ground Clearance - 4.5”
    • Latest Model! Free & Quick Ship!
    MSRP $2,864.00 MSRP $2,864.00 $2,466.00
    Call: (800) 987-6791
    Weight Capacity Top Speed Turning Radius Driving Range Heaviest Part
    400 lbs 5.3 mph 41" 20.9 Miles 56 lbs
    Weight Capacity 400 lbs
    Top Speed 5.3 mph
    Turning Radius 41"
    Driving Range 20.9 Miles
    Heaviest Part 56 lbs

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1. What is the difference between a Mid-Size Scooter and a Travel Scooter?
Mid-Sized scooters can be used for travel and can even be disassembled but they are generally larger than their smaller counterparts. The seat size may be larger or even a captain’s style seat.

2. What kind of warranty do the mid-sized scooters come with?
Warranty of the scooter is based on the manufacturer and the individual model. Most of the models come with a 1 year in-home service warranty.

3. Do the scooters come with chargers or do they need to be separately bought?
All of the scooters and power chair purchased from Scooter Direct include batteries and chargers. Many of the models include other accessories as well.

4. Can I use a Lithium battery on a mobility scooter instead of the supplied one?
Each model scooter has specifications on the type of battery it will support. Typically, scooters come with two 12 Volt Sealed Lead Acid batteries and will not support Lithium batteries.

5. Do these scooters make a beep-sound when in reverse? Is there any option with these settings?
There are very few mobility scooters that beep when they are in reverse. This is an old feature that was not popular.

6. Can I take out the battery and charge it at a separate point? Or does it need to stay plugged in the scooter to be able to charge it?
The chargers are made to charge 24 volts. The two 12 Volt batteries must be in a battery pack or in the scooter for the charger to work. Most mid-sized scooters have larger batteries so they are not in battery pack so they must be in the scooter.

7. Are there any foldable options in the mid-sized scooters range?
There are models that disassemble for transport with the tiller folded down. There are not any that fold down into one component because it would be too heavy for most people to lift.

8. What are the top speeds on these scooters?
Mid-size scooters are generally a bit faster than the travel scooters because they are heavier and more stable. Top speeds on mid-size scooters is between 5 and 8 mph.

9. Do you have any model where the seats can be adjusted front and back?
Several of these scooters have a slide to allow more or less leg room. Models like the Golden Companion have very comfortable, adjustable seats.

10. Can I add headlights to scooters?
Scooter either come with a headlight or not. There is no customization for this feature but if required, lights, baskets, horns can be purchased at most major retailers or at bicycle shops.