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Manual Wheelchairs

Manual Wheelchairs
Scooter Direct offers a large high quality wheelchairs selection for a very competitive pricing from top manufacturers such as Drive Medical, Pride Mobility, Merits Health and Medline. From standard, transport, lightweight, heavy duty, convertible, reclining, all terrain to pediatric wheelchairs. Backed up by many accessories including cushions, backs and tires. Our wheelchairs have many features to choose from: weight capacity,wheel styles, arm rests, leg rests and seating that can all be custom ordered to a user’s specific needs.

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  1. Karman S305 Ergonomic Wheelchair

    Model: S305
    • Top End Lightweight Ergonomic Manual Wheelchair
    • Ergonomic, lightweight, compact
    • Pressure relief, stabilization, and anti-slippage
    • Upholstery is equipped with AEGIS anti-biotic technology, odor/stain/deterioration control
    • Wider arm pad, providing comfort/support
    MSRP $1,227.00 MSRP $1,227.00 $869.00
    Call: (800) 987-6791
    Weight of Chair Weight Capacity Seat Depth Heaviest Part
    29 lbs 250 lbs 17 inch 29 lbs
    Weight of Chair 29 lbs
    Weight Capacity 250 lbs
    Seat Depth 17 inch
    Heaviest Part 29 lbs
  2. Karman Ergonomic Transporter

    Model: S-Ergo115TP
    • Folding backrest
    • Fixed armrest, Swing-away footrest
    • 14'' flat free polyurethane tires
    • Seat width: 16"x17" or 18"x17"
    MSRP $1,017.00 MSRP $1,017.00 $680.00
    Call: (800) 987-6791
    Weight of Chair Weight Capacity Seat Depth Heaviest Part
    25 lbs 250 lbs 17 inch 22 lbs
    Weight of Chair 25 lbs
    Weight Capacity 250 lbs
    Seat Depth 17 inch
    Heaviest Part 22 lbs

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1. What is a Manual Wheelchair?
Unlike powerchairs, these models are propelled solely by the user or a companion. Which chair you choose must match the capability of the individual using the chair and the assistance available to them.

2. What is a Transport wheelchair?
Generally, a transport wheelchair is a more narrow and lighter weight chair than a standard wheelchair, making it a great choice for tight quarters and narrow entryways. Transport chairs typically have smaller rear wheels meaning that customers cannot propel themselves and must be pushed by a companion or caregiver.

3. Is it possible to change the wheels?
Some chairs are convertible, meaning that larger wheels for the chair user to control the wheels themselves or smaller wheels to make the chair lighter to travel with and lift for the sake of the companion.

4. Are manual wheelchairs capable of being used outside on any terrain?
Most wheelchairs are designed for use on pavement or very firm ground because they have smaller, thinner wheels that would not work well in loose ground like grass, dirt or gravel. However, there are all-terrain wheel chairs designed for use on uneven terrains, even beach sand.

5. Can the seats on manual wheelchairs be reclined?
For safety, the majority of wheelchairs do not have the ability to recline due to the risk of tipping backwards. Some models are designed with ability to recline so if this is a requirement, you must check the specifications of the chair.

6. Can I use my wheelchair in the shower?
Generally no, but there are shower and bathroom chairs that are designed for use in the bathroom or in the shower.

7. What is the mechanism for braking on manual wheelchairs?
Braking is used by a lever that when depressed moves a bar against each wheel. Brakes can be locked on so that they do not have to be continually depressed to operate. Brakes are located on either the push handles or within reach while seated depending on the type of chair.

8. What is important when choosing a chair?
It is important to choose a chair based on how it is going to be used, where it is used and to choose a chair that matches the size of the person. Consider if it is only going to be used inside, who is going to operate the chair, does it need to be lifted, how large of a seat is needed and what is the weight of the rider.

9. Is there any wheelchair that the user can move using only one arm?
If you are not able to use either arm or do not have the strength or push the wheels then we would highly recommend a powerchair with joystick control. You can speak with a representative or your physical therapist for more input.

10. Do I need a seat belt while using a wheelchair?
Seatbelts are not required or needed for most users but we recommend you consult your caregiver or medical professional for advice when making this decision.