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Lightweight Wheelchairs

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  1. Karman S-2512 Ergo Flight Ultralightweight Wheelchair

    Model: S-2512
    • Lightest T6 aluminum manual-propel wheelchair on the market
    • S-style ergonomic seat
    • Ergonomic handrims
    • Companion brakes on handles
    • Removable swing in & out footrests
    • 16" or 18" wide seat
    • Optional quick release rear wheels
    MSRP $1,317.00 MSRP $1,317.00 $884.00
    Call: (800) 987-6791
    Weight of Chair Weight Capacity Seat Depth Heaviest Part
    20 lbs 250 lbs 17 inch 19.8 lbs
    Weight of Chair 20 lbs
    Weight Capacity 250 lbs
    Seat Depth 17 inch
    Heaviest Part 19.8 lbs

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1. What Is a Lightweight Portable Wheelchair?
A lightweight portable wheelchair is a lighter weight alternative to a traditional wheelchair. It is often made from lighter material, which makes it easier to lift and maneuver than a typical wheelchair making travel and storage much more manageable.

2. What Are the Benefits of a Light Portable Wheelchair?
Lightweight wheelchairs weigh around 20 pounds, making it much easier for the user to lift and to get around since it takes less effort to move the wheelchair forward. They are typically foldable, which makes storage easy. The slim size of lightweight wheelchairs allows users to get themselves closer to the car while transferring seats.

3. Is a Lightweight Wheelchair good for everyone?
Those with mild to moderate trouble with mobility, whether it's permanent or temporary, can use a lightweight transport wheelchair. The weight capacity of these chairs may be less than the standard wheelchairs. A transport wheelchair makes it possible to go on longer excursions without risk of a fall or injury.

4. Do wheelchairs come pre-assembled?
Pretty much. The chair arrived folded and the most that typically needs to be done is to install the removable footrests. Full assembly is typically less than 5 minutes the first time you try and it will get faster and easier as time goes by.

5. Do any models have an adjustable angle reclining back?
Reclining Back wheelchairs are usually heavier and specifically designed to counter the center of gravity issues that could cause them to tip. This type of wheelchair is not intended for that purpose.

6. Do the wheelchairs come with seat belts?
Seat belts are not needed for these chairs.

7. Can I order a wheelchair with no arms?
Some models of lightweight wheelchairs have removable or flip-up armrests.

8. Do the footrests swing away or just flip up?
The footrests on most models have swing-away and removable footrests. They can be removed very easily in a few seconds.

9. Do any wheelchairs have shock absorbers?
None of the lightweight wheelchairs have shock absorbers. The wheels are made to absorb some of the shock to provide as much comfort as possible. Additionally, there are cushions in the seat and you can add you own seat cushions to improve the comfort.

10. Can lightweight wheelchairs tip over?
Most wheelchairs do not have anti-tip wheels in the back but some models do have options for them. If you feel these are needed then you should make sure you select a model with this option.