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Lift Chairs

Scooter Direct offers a wide range of Lift Chairs from major brands like Pride Mobility and Golden Technologies. There are many types of lift chairs for sale like two-position, three-position, infinite position, heavy duty lift chairs, and lifting cushions. The lift chairs are available with multiple features and in many colors and fabrics.

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  1. Clinical Care Recliner

    Drive Medical
    Model: D577
    • Available in 3 attractive colors: Blue Ridge, Jade and Rosewood
    • 3 positions: upright, deep recline & elevated legrest
    • 5" casters 2 with locks
    • Side panels "pop-off" for easy cleaning and maintenance
    • Gas cylinder controls deep recline and Trendelenburg position
    •  Trendelenburg position can only be attained by an attendant
    MSRP $1,566.81 MSRP $1,566.81 $871.00
    Call: (800) 987-6791
    Weight Capacity Recline Positions Seat Width Seat Depth
    250 lbs Full Recline 19 inch 19 inch
    Weight Capacity 250 lbs
    Recline Positions Full Recline
    Seat Width 19 inch

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1. What is a lift chair?
Lift chairs are motorized recliners that assist users who have difficulty standing up, sitting down or reclining a manual chair. These chairs are also known as a power lift recliners.

2. What is a 3-position lift chair?
Three-position lift chairs have a sitting position, a lifted to stand position, a reading position and a reclining position, which is good for napping but that is not a full recline. This is the most popular type of electric recliners with a wide range of styles, features and prices to meet most everyone's needs and budget.

3. What is an Infinite- position lift chair?
This is a full reclining position chair, also called the Trendelenburg Position, which elevates the feet above the heart. The infinite-position electric recliner chairs allow you to control the footrest and the back position independently, and they recline fully, allowing you to use the chair for sleeping. This is the model for you if you're looking for the most comfortable and versatile lift chair. These can also be called infinite-position or Zero-Gravity lift chairs.

4. How much does a lift chair weigh?
Most lift chairs weigh in the 85 to 200 lb. range. Larger sizes, more motors and features will increase the chair weight.

5. How do I get a lift chair through Medicare?
Medicare does not cover the full cost of lift chairs. Lift mechanisms and motors may be covered by Medicare, but a strict process must be followed. Scooter Direct is not a Medicare provider and cannot assist in this process. You would need to medical supply store that bills Medicare for lift chairs.

6. How much does a lift chair cost?
The number of positions, fabric, features, service warranties and other options affect the cost of a lift chair. Chairs start in the $650 range and can go up to over $2,000.

7. How do I select a lift chair?
The best lift chair is the one that meets your criteria the best. First, know the size that will fit you. Pay special attention to the width between the arms, height of seat from the floor, back height and weight capacity. Second, know what positions you want to lie in and how much control you want. Lastly, choose a fabric that meets your requirements and the level of comfort you need. Then you can narrow the search to the best models for your needs.

8. What is the best lift chair brand?
The largest two manufacturers of lift chairs are Golden Technologies and Pride Mobility. Think of them as the Ford and Chevy of lift chairs. They both make quality products, have parts available for years and it is easy to find someone to service them.