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Lift Chair Recliners

Do you have problems getting up? If so, you’re not alone—many people suffer from mobility issues and can greatly benefit from the use of mobility aids such as lift chair recliners. These electric lift recliners are relatively inexpensive when you consider all of the benefits they provide, from improved lumbar support to increased ease and comfort of movement. With the wide range of power lift recliner chairs available from Scooter Direct, we’re sure you’ll find a furniture piece that suits your budget, comfort level, and décor.

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  1. Pride LC358XXL 2-Position Lift Chair-20
    Pride Mobility
    Model: LC358XXL
    • 2-Position Partial Recliner
    • Height Range: 5'6" - 6'1"
    • Blown Fiber Button Back
    • Weight Capacity: 600 lbs.
    • Seat Width: 30"
    Retail Price: $2,149.00

    Call: (800) 987-6791
    Weight Capacity Recline Positions Seat Width Seat Depth
    600 lbs Semi Recline 30 inch 22 inch
  2. Bariatric 3-Position Recliner-20
    Drive Medical
    Model: D574EW
    • Neutral-colored, sturdy steel frame is easy to clean and maintain
    • 3 positions: upright, deep recline & elevated legrest
    • 5" casters 2 with locks
    • Side panels "pop-off" for easy cleaning and maintenance
    • Moisture barrier on seat prevents seepage.
    Retail Price: $1,287.00

    Call: (800) 987-6791
    Weight Capacity Recline Positions Seat Width Seat Depth
    500 lbs Semi Recline 25 inch 20 inch

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When choosing the best model to fit your needs, you want to keep in mind a few key points. First, what number of positions do you want or need? This is one of the most important features of seated mobility furniture, as it dictates the level of movement available to you while you are using it. These items come in 2-position models, 3-position models, and infinite-position models.

Infinite model products, such as the Pride LC521, have dual motors that allow the footrest to become independent of the back. This is ideal for those who like to sit upright but put their feet up at the same time. The 2-position lift chair recliners also require the backrest to slide back together with the footrest, a feature that can be found on products such as the Comforter Super 33 Triple Motor, by Golden. The 3-position differs from the 2-position in that it allows for a full recline, as opposed to the 45-degree angle offered by its counterpart.

If you have ever owned an adjustable piece of furniture, then you will know the importance of having it fit correctly to your body. This is vital because the size of the seating area will determine the seat cushion size—usually deeper the larger the product is. If the seat is too big, this will cause your legs to hang from the floor when sitting up. If it is too small, the lumbar support will not be adequate, and your back will start to hurt. To ensure your comfort, we offer various models in a range of sizes including the Golden Comforter Junior Petite, Golden Comforter Tall Wide, and the Golden Comforter Large Extra Wide.

The extensive range of lift chair recliners at Scooter Direct also includes furniture with advanced features like heated seats, cup holders, and Shiatsu massage capability. Browse our catalog today and see why we’re a top choice for comfortable, affordable mobility solutions.