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Inflatable bathtub with accessories

Manufacturer: EZ-Access
Model: EZ-Bathe B1000
MSRP $399.00 MSRP $399.00 What's this? $359.00

The drain hose and vacuum, both included

With the new and improved EZ-BATHEâ inflatable bathtub by Homecare Products, Inc., patients can enjoy bathing the way it’s meant to be – soaking wet!  Using the half-sheet method (place tub under patient and inflate around him), the EZ-BATHEâ allows clients to enjoy a bath or shower without leaving their bed.  The client simply rolls onto the 22-guage-vinyl antimicrobial tub, which is then inflated around them using the included wet-dry vacuum.  The reinforced tub with its new streamlined design is longer & deeper and its double tube design helps prevent splashes and spills. Inside dimensions of inflated tub are 71” long x 31” wide x 13½” deep (accommodates individuals up to 6’ 2”).  Fits all beds.  The hand-held shower connects to a tap up to 25’ feet away.  The drain hose (leading to bathtub, sink, or toilet) can be turned “off” for a long soak or left “on” for constant draining, allowing a consistent shower.  The drain hose and vacuum, both included, empty the tub thoroughly.  Garden hose may be used to extend tubing if necessary.  Compared to the comfort and convenience of EZ-BATHEâ, nothing else holds water!









84” L x 31” W x 13½” D


22-guage antimicrobial vinyl


  • ·     Use the half sheet method to conveniently bathe and shampoo patient in bed


  • ·         Inflatable tub with pillow comfortably fits individuals up to 6’ 2” tall


  • ·         2 gallon wet/dry vacuum included inflates and deflates the tub


  • ·         Double tube design helps prevent spills


  • ·         25’ hose with hand-held shower head attaches to sink for water supply


  • ·         Also includes 25’ drain hose with on/off valve


  • ·         Fits standard and hospital beds


  • ·         Latex free


  • ·         Clean with mild soap and water


  • ·         1-year warranty

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