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Hybrid Lifts

Hybrid lifts are designed to work in vans, mini-vans and larger SUV's. This type of lift is mounted inside the vehicle and has a platform that extends outside the vehicle, down to the ground all completely under power.

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  1. Harmar AL690 Side Door Hybrid Platform Lift

    Model: AL690
    • Fully Automatic
    • Drive-On / Drive-Off Simplicity
    • Installed in most SUVs, vans, minivans
    • Fits most Scooters and Power Chairs
    MSRP $4,995.00 MSRP $4,995.00 $3,795.00
    Call: (800) 987-6791
  2. Harmar AL6000 Hybrid Platform Lift

    Model: AL6000
    • Fully Automatic
    • Drive-On / Drive-Off Simplicity
    • Carries virtually all standard power chairs and scooters
    • Allows continued use of second row seating; no drilling required in most vehicles
    MSRP $4,495.00 MSRP $4,495.00 $3,395.00
    Call: (800) 987-6791
    Lift Capacity Weight Platform Size Battery Pack Option Installation Level
    350 lbs 160 28.5" x 38" - 45" Yes Medium
    Lift Capacity 350 lbs
    Weight 160
    Platform Size 28.5" x 38" - 45"
    Battery Pack Option Yes
    Installation Level Medium

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1. What is a Hybrid Lift?
Hybrid Lifts are an inside lift with a platform that will extend out of the vehicle and down to the ground. These lifts are compatible with scooters and power wheelchairs.

2. What is the advantage of a hybrid lift over other types of lifts?
Hybrid Lifts do not require any modification to the mobility scooter or the power wheelchair which makes them very easy to use.

3. What is the maximum weight that the ramps can carry?
Most of these lifts have the ability to lift 350 lbs with some models having a 400 lb capacity.

4. How are hybrid lifts powered?
Lifts are typically connected to the vehicle battery with the wiring harness that we supply with the lift. There is an optional battery pack if you do not want to connect to lift to your vehicle battery.

5. Are hybrid lifts foldable when not in use?
No. These lifts are mounted in the rear of the Van or SUV and cannot be folded, moved or easily removed. They may be removed from the vehicle when you no longer need the lift or decide to sell the vehicle.

6. What is the size platform in inches is the standard Hybrid Platform Lift?
Platforms are 26 to 28.5 inches wide and 38 to 50 inches long. These lifts fit most scooters and power wheelchairs, depending on which vehicle they are mounted.

7. How do I know which inside lift will work for my vehicle?
The best way to choose a hybrid lift is to call a Scooter Direct representative for assistance. You can also use the  Lift Calculator yourself to determine which lifts your vehicle will support.

8. Is there any manual effort required to operate these lifts?
The only manual effort required is to connect to the lift to the scooter or power wheelchair using ratchet straps. This is easy and doesn’t require much effort.

9. How difficult is it to install an inside electric lift?
Installation of inside lifts are more complex than an outside electric lift. Most lifts are designed for the vehicle and include a base adapter so that no drilling is required. The easiest vehicles to install hybrid lifts into is a van.