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Harmar Access Vertical Platform

Manufacturer: Harmar
Model: RPL400 / RPL600
MSRP $6,595.00 MSRP $6,595.00 What's this? $5,644.00
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Harmar Access Vertical Platform Lifts with 36” x 54” non-skid platformare safe, smooth and economical solutions to the barriers stairs can create outside and inside a home.

The Highlander Vertical Platform Lift has been engineered to provide you with safe and convenient access to your home. Designed to work indoors or out, its
small footprint works where ramps or stair lifts won’t, enabling you to move easily from one level to another with your mobility device. It’s easy to operate and virtually maintenance-free to offer you many years of reliable use.

Compact footprint improves access to raised entries, porches or short decks. Highlander RPLs feature a top-mounted motor and electrical box to simplify servicing and protect from standing water.

Features & Benefits

  • Small footprint fits renovations more easily
  • Non-skid 36” x 48” platform
  • Automatic folding ramp
  • Solid 36” high guard panels
  • Constant-pressure rocker switch; emergency stop button
  • Safety sensors stop lift at obstructions
  • Optional electromechanical interlock gate releases only at upper landing

Safety: Your safety is important to us. All Harmar Vertical Platform Lifts (VPL) are ETL listed. They are not only built to meet ANSI (American National Standards Institute) and ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) safety standards, but are also tested to exceed these standards. All lifts come standard with several safety options, including an emergency stop button and a solid, bottom safety pan which will immediately stop the lift if it comes into contact with any object below it.

Durability: Harmar’s lifts are built to last. To ensure these VPLs are not only safe, but also reliable, they have undergone rigorous testing.

Wind: The Commercial VPL design was recently determined to be able to withstand hurricane force winds of up to 130 mph – a requirement for coastal regions in the US.* The quality and the features of this lift might blow you away, but you can rest assured that the wind won’t.

Rain: Harmar’s VPLs can be used indoors and outdoors, so we put them to the test. A little rain won’t hurt your lift. Its weatherproof controls are designed to withstand the elements.

Temperature: These lifts were run continuously, at full weight capacity, for several cycles to assure that there is no possibility of the components overheating due to extended use. This means there is no need to worry about using this lift TOO often; it’s built to work whenever you need it.**

Strength: Testing of these lifts mandated loading the drive system with 3 tons without failing. In addition, the mechanical structure was loaded with over 5,000 lbs to test every aspect of the welding, stresses in the material, and assembly of the unit. You can ride with confidence, knowing your Harmar lift is built to be tough!***

Serviceability: The electrical box and motor are housed on the top of the lift. Notonly does this keep them safe if there’s flooding

*Lift must be secured with appropriate brackets to an acceptable base. **DC unit performance is dependent upon battery life. ***Do not exceed the recommended lifting capacity of your lift.

Details and Specifications for the Harmar Access Vertical Platform

Residential Platform Lift Features
Lifting Heights

RPL400 53”

RPL600 77”

Rated Load 600 lbs
Drive Belt driven Acme screw / 90 VDC ½ hp motor
Power Supply 120 VAC-15A grounded circuit
Control Circuit 24 VAC
Platform 36” x 54” with 36” high guard panels and automatic folding ramp
Footprint 50” x 70” (127 cm x 177.8 cm)
Speed 10 FPM
Controls Rocker switch w/ emergency stop (key switch optional)
Manual Lowering Standard
Safety Design ASME A18.1, Section 5 - Private Residence Vertical Platform Lifts
Safety Design Standards CSA B44.1/ASME A17.5 - Elevator & Escalator Equipment. ETL Listed 3148125
Safety Features Safety pan, final limit, Acme safety nut with monitor, and non-skid surface
Warranty 1-Year parts

Take Your Mobility to the Next Level Harmar Vertical Platform Lifts are designed to meet ANSI/ASME A18.1 Performance Safety Standards when properly equipped. While Harmar Vertical Platform Lifts meet national standards, it is imperative to check State and Local code requirements before installing to ensure compliance. All State and Local compliance is the responsibility of the purchaser. Some states may require fees for site preparation and permits. Harmar Vertical Platform Lifts should only be installed by a certified, professional Harmar installer. If the Vertical Platform Lift is installed by any other means, the purchaser and installer assume responsibility for issues that may arise involving improper installation.

Manual and Videos for the Harmar Access Vertical Platform

Warranty for the Harmar Access Vertical Platform

1 Years Limited Manufacturer Warranty
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Harmar Access Vertical Platform
Harmar Access Vertical Platform

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MSRP $6,595.00 MSRP $6,595.00 What's this?