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Geri Chairs

Geri Chairs
Geri-Chair Recliners (Geriatric Chairs) reduce pressure, preserve independence and improve the quality of life. When a patient requires greater positioning support than a wheelchair can provide, Geriatric recliners provide the solution. They are ideal for long-term care and clinical seating applications. Geri chairs are rugged, easy-to-clean and perform a variety of functions safely and effectively, making them an outstanding choice for the patient.

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  1. Clinical Care Recliner

    Drive Medical
    Model: D577
    • Available in 3 attractive colors: Blue Ridge, Jade and Rosewood
    • 3 positions: upright, deep recline & elevated legrest
    • 5" casters 2 with locks
    • Side panels "pop-off" for easy cleaning and maintenance
    • Gas cylinder controls deep recline and Trendelenburg position
    •  Trendelenburg position can only be attained by an attendant
    MSRP $1,287.00 MSRP $1,287.00 $679.00
    Call: (800) 987-6791
    Weight Capacity Recline Positions Seat Width Seat Depth
    250 lbs Full Recline 19 inch 19 inch
    Weight Capacity 250 lbs
    Recline Positions Full Recline
    Seat Width 19 inch

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