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EV Rider

EV Rider
Mobility Scooter, Wheelchairs, Powerchairs, Lift chairs, portable scooters, outdoor mobility scooters, scooter lifts, wheelchair ramps

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  1. EV Rider MiniRider Lite

    EV Rider
    Model: WT-T4DKC
    • Tight turning radius
    • Flip-up arm rests
    • Padded swivel seat
    • Easy assembly/disassembly
    MSRP $1,999.00 MSRP $1,999.00 $999.00
    Call: (800) 987-6791
    Weight Capacity Top Speed Turning Radius Driving Range Heaviest Part
    280 lbs 4 mph 35" 9 Miles 37 lbs
    Weight Capacity 280 lbs
    Top Speed 4 mph
    Turning Radius 35"
    Driving Range 9 Miles
    Heaviest Part 37 lbs

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EV Rider offers a complete line of powerful mobility scooters for everyone including kids, elderly, seniors and disabled customers for all needs and every budget. They are proud to offer a broad spectrum of powerful fun, functional, transportable and luxurious mobility solutions for users in search of higher quality and different products for leisure, medical and community use.

EvRider offers a variety of Portable Scooters, Luxury, Heavy Duty and Outdoor Scooters with higher ground clearance, faster speed, suspensions, longer battery range, larger wheels and bigger motors. These scooters can handle some serious off road areas such as grass, trails or unpaved roads with ease. Also, they offer some models for more fun with much faster speed for those adventurous types. EV Rider has a commitment to quality and outstanding customer service. These scooters are supported by staff with over 30 years of experience in the design, development, sales and technical support of battery operated vehicles.

Portable Scooters:

These mobility scooters disassemble into just a few lightweight pieces in seconds and fit in nearly any vehicle or onto lifts for transport.  Our models are listed below:

  • Transport: For those wanting the most compact choice for a  portable mobility scooter, this is it.  Folds up to fit into the smallest spaces and can even be rolled as luggage.
  • RiderXpress: a portable travel mobility scooter that disassembles into 5 lightweight pieces where the Heaviest component is only 46 lb. with a weight capacity of 300 pounds and an operating range of 13 miles.
  • Mini Rider: a powerful transportable 4-wheel electric scooter with Solid, Flat Free Tires and Deluxe Swivel Seat with Flip Up Armrests.

Luxury Heavy Duty Scooter:

These High Speed and Powerful Scooters can take you almost anywhere including rugged terrains thanks to added suspension, higher ground clearance, longer battery range, larger wheels and bigger motors.

  • Royale Scooters:  A luxurious large outdoor scooter featuring all digital display panel, variable speed, and a full independent suspension system. Both 4-Wheel and 3-Wheel versions available with options like golf tires, dual-seats and locking cargo compartments.

Recreational Mobility Scooters:

  • Stand N Ride™: designed for a variety of recreational and commercial applications. This simplified mobility scooter is ideal for use by customers with good stability who want a fast scooter that you can ride in a stand-up position or comfortably seated on an optional scooter seat. It can be used as a fun and versatile scooter for kids and adults wanting to have fun.

EV Rider is committed to quality and outstanding customer service and supported by staff with over 30 years of experience in the design, development, sales and technical support of battery operated vehicles.