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Atto XL Flight Battery

Manufacturer: Movinglife
Model: 600-004239
MSRP $699.00 MSRP $699.00 What's this? $549.00

Airline approved battery pack for the ATTO folding scooter

ATTO XL FLIGHT BATTERY is an innovative solution which helps overcome strict flight restrictions by simply splitting the 280Wh into two units of 180Wh and 100Wh. When traveling power assurance is key, so investing in a spare battery, that you are sure will not be confiscated by airline officials, is a no brainer.

  • The only full battery to easily get on board flights
  • Guarantees mobility for an additional 17.4Miles
  • Unique split in two units of 180Wh and 100Wh
  • Alternating between 2 batteries means you never have to stop
  • Backup power assurance when traveling
  • Dedicated carrying solutions available with ATTO Backpack or the ATTO Essentials Pouch

Average distance power: 17.4 Miles
Power: 280Wh split into two: 180Wh and 100Wh
Dimensions: 11.4" x 5.1" x 3.2"

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