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3 Wheel Travel Scooters

3 Wheel Travel Scooters
3-wheel mobility scooters are a great option for indoor use. These durable and safe devices represent some of the best choices on the market for people who want to avoid the hassles of heavier models. If you are looking for a mobility solution for inside your home, with carefully selected features that fit your needs, look no further than this line of affordable, well-crafted transport devices.
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With speeds up to 6 mph, it is easy to see why these 3 wheel travel scooters are a popular choice for daily activities. The smooth acceleration means there will be no lurching which makes for a comfortable ride. Users can expect a pleasant transition in almost all households and office spaces. Carrying items or medical supplies is a breeze thanks to the baskets affixed to the front of these 3-wheel mobility scooters.

There are a variety of strong and durable accessories to make it easy to bring along necessary items like oxygen tanks, walkers or to carry groceries while shopping. Whatever your needs, the baskets and other accessory options are sure to come in handy when you need to transport items. Comfort is a must when relying on a daily mobility apparatus, and these devices deliver in more ways than one. Seats are designed to bring an optimum level of comfort, while retaining their shape and form. Any regular user knows how much stress can be placed on their joints without the addition of well-padded armrest attachments.

This line has ensured that ample armrest space is provided, to give your wrists and elbows somewhere to rest as you ride. Some of the 3 wheel travel scooters in our inventory have additional special features that will enhance operator comfort, safety, and experience. A tighter turning radius is great for people living in apartments, which generally have less space for complicated movement.

Headlights provide added safety at all times, and non-marking tires prevent those annoying streaks from appearing on hardwood or tile flooring. At Scooter Direct, our knowledge and care for consumers helps us stand out from all the rest.

Years of experience in the field of mobility gives us the tools to help anyone find the right apparatus for their own needs. Contact us today to see our dedication for customers in action.